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It's in the Genes 

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I've received a lot of updates for this list, so scroll down and take a gander and the new stuff. Thanks so much everyone - and keep 'em coming!

We've posted various things around the blog around siblings who've cheered/danced professionally. With the addition of three Bell sisters on the Philadelphia Eagles squad (the first time any squad has had three sisters from the same family at the same time), I think it's time to make this an official PCB feature. I've broken this into three categories, which include performers from the present, the recent past, and the not-so recent past.

If you think of any names to add or if you have corrections or photos of anyone mentioned, drop us a line at sasha@procheerleaderblog.com or james@procheerleaderblog.com.

Category 1: Twins

Alexis and Angela Rodriquez
ABA San Diego Wildcats (2006-2009)
NIFL San Diego Shockwave (2007)
AF2 San Diego Riptide (2005 ish)

Chase and Paige
NFL Baltimore Ravens

Tennessee Titans Twins
Kristen and Alyson
NFL Tennessee Titans
(Update 6/29/08: Kristen and Alyson have a sister Stefanie who cheered for the Titans a couple of years back)

Stefanie, Titans Cheerleader

Kena and Keana
NFL Jacksonville Jaguars

Jessica and Jenica
NFL Buffalo Bills
Jenica: 2006-08
Jessica: 2006-07

Jessica and Nicole
NFL Arizona Cardinals

Marisa and Larisa
NFL Houston Texans

Kelly and Kristy
NHL New York Islanders

Brandy and Britany
AFL Columbus Destroyers

Jamie and Jennifer Cramer
NFL Atlanta Falcons
Jamie: 2002-2007
Jennifer: 2002-2006

Lindsey and Casey
NIFL Dayton Warbirds

Casey and Kelly
NFL Minnesota Vikings

Tara and Kim Korenstein
NFL Miami Dolphins

Lisa and Laura Shaw
NFL Los Angeles Raiders

Grace and Joy
NFL Washington Redskins

Leah and Sabrina
NFL Washington Redskins

No Photo Yet!
Kelly and Kim Nickisher
NFL Philadelphia Eagles

No Photo Yet!
Sandy and Kathy Marinari
NFL Philadelphia Eagles

No Photo Yet!
Janet and Joyce Wass
(Janet and Joyce are actually triplets with a brother)
NFL Philadelphia Eagles

Stacy and Tracy Smith
NFL Dallas Cowboys, 1985

Jackie and Joe Ellen
NFL Washington Redskins

No Photo Yet!
Sandy and Stacy
NBA Orlando Magic

Category 2: Other Siblings

Gena and Kim, Seattle Sea Gals
Gena and Kimberly
NFL Seattle Seahawks

Linsey and Jordan
NBA Charlotte Bobcats 2007-08

Erica and Alexis Kofoed
Erica: AFL San Jose Sabercats (2005-06), NFL Oakland Raiders (2007-08)
Alexis: San Jose Sabercats (2007-08)

LaShana and Collette
NFL San Francisco 49ers

Kathy and Dana
NFL Arizona Cardinals
Kathy: 2005-09
Dana: 2008-09

Nikki, Paige, and Danni-Lynn Bell
NFL Philadelphia Eagles
Nikki: 2007-2009
Danni-Lynn and Paige: 2008-09

Sarah and Krisan
Sarah: NFL Minnesota Vikings 2005-09
Krisan: NFL Minnesota Vikings 2007-09
NLL Minnesota Swarm 2007
NBA Minnesota Timberwolves 2002-06

Jessica and Lindsay
MLS Columbus Crewzers

Pesay and Navant
MLS Columbus Crewzers

Johnna and Shelsa
MLS Columbus Crewzers

Lindsay and Whitney Evered
NFL Denver Broncos
Lindsay: 2002-04
Whitney: 2005-08

Rob and Robyn
Rob: NFL Baltimore Ravens 2004-09
Robyn: NFL Washington Redskins Ambassador 2007-08

Allison and Kara Leonard
Allison: NFL Cincinnati Bengals 2002-06
Kara: NBA Cleveland Cavaliers 2003-06

Libbie and Pamela Jaggar
NFL Dallas Cowboys
Libbie: 1998-1999
Pamela: 1997-2000

Kelli and Niki Green
NFL Dallas Cowboys
Kelli: 1994-1996
Niki: 1995-1996

Hillary and Shelby Goff
NFL Miami Dolphins

Crystal and Trisha Trevino
Trisha: NBA Dallas Mavericks 2003-05, NFL Dallas Cowboys 2005-09
Crystal: NBADallas Mavericks 2004-08, NFL Dallas Cowboys 2008-09

No Photo Yet!

Melissa Pennell-Kimble
Amy Holland Pennell
NFL St. Louis Rams
Melissa: 1994-2000
Amy: 2001-2005

No Photo Yet!
Menina and Martica Aguabella
NFL Los Angeles Raiders

No Photo Yet!
Lisa and Erin O'Day
NFL Los Angeles Raiders
Lisa and Erin O'day

Michaelanne and Natalie Kapper
NFL St. Louis Rams

Asia and Leah
NBA Seattle Sonics

No Photo Yet!
Rose and Angie
NFL Los Angeles Rams

No Photo Yet!
Nida and Naomi
NFL Los Angeles Rams

No Photo Yet!
Lisa and Monica
NFL Los Angeles Rams

Tami, Kimberly & Brandi
NFL Minnesota Vikings
(Tami is currently the team's Director, and Kimberly is a member of the MVC staff)

Kristina and Katherine
NBA Miami Heat

Jenna and Natalie
Jenna: NBA Golden State Warriors (1999-2002), Los Angeles Clippers (2002-2003), and Los Angeles Lakers (2003-2004)
Natalie: NFL San Diego Chargers(2003-2004) and Oakland Raiders (2008-09)

Brandii and Shairin Kiniry
NFL Miami Dolphins

Emily and Kelly
NBA Seattle Sonics

Kelley and Katie Cornwall
NFL Washington Redskins

Shannon, DDDKristen, DDD
Shannon & Kristen Telles
AFL Dallas Desperados
Shannon 2006-08
Kristen 2008

Sidnee, DDDTaylor, DDD
Sidnee & Taylor Hulitt
AFL Dallas Desperados
Sidnee 2006-08
Taylor 2008

Challen and Krista Whitener
NFL Carolina Panthers

Adrianne and Audrea Harris
Adrianne: NFL Los Angeles Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, and Oakland Raiders
Audrea: NFL Los Angeles Rams, NBA Seattle Sonics, Los Angeles Clippers

Roxanne and Diedra
NFL Oakland Raiders

Michelle and Cindy LaHerran
NFL San Francisco 49ers

Michelle and Melissa Budano
NFL Los Angeles Raiders

Suzette, Stephanie, and Sheri Scholz
NFL Dallas Cowboys

Vonceil and Vanessa Baker
NFL Dallas Cowboys

Teresa and Cathy
NFL Houston Texans
Teresa 2005-09
Cathy 2008-09

Carey, Falcons CheerleaderLaura, Falcons Cheerleader
Carey and Laura
Both: NFL Atlanta Falcons
Carey: AFL Georgia Force

Michelle and Vanessa Basa
NBA Orlando Magic
Michelle: 1999-2003
Vanessa: 2001-2005

Amanda and Laura
Reading Express Smokin' Hot Steam Team (2008)

Category 3: Other Relatives

Arlene and Eileen (Cousins)
NFL Washington Redskins
Arlene: 2005-09
Eileen: 2007-09

Angie and Brittni (Cousins)
MLS Columbus Crewzers

Mallory and Leeanna (Cousins)
MLS Columbus Crewzers

Joan, Kelly (Joan's daughter), and Kaitlyn (Kelly's daughter)
MLS Columbus Crewzers
Joan and Kelly are team directors and Kaitlyn is on the team.

Judy and Cassie Trammell (mother and daughter)
NFL Dallas Cowboys
Judy: 1980-84
Cassie: 2008-09

Kim and Meredith Oden (mother and daughter)
NFL Dallas Cowboys
Kim: 1984-85
Meredith: 2007-09

Billie and Amber Gosdin (mother and daughter)
NFL Dallas Cowboys
Billie: 1979-80
Amber: 1995-97, 2003-05

Kitty Chapman Carter and Carrie Chapman Teller (aunt and niece)
NFL Dallas Cowboys
Kitty: 1976-1977
Carrie: 1992-1994

Rebeca and Lupita (cousins)
NFL Oakland Raiders

Brooke and Tiana (cousins)
Both: NBA Los Angeles Lakers
Brooke: NFL San Diego Chargers, NBA Miami Heat, AFL Los Angeles Avengers

Ashley, Charger GirlAshley, Charger Girl
Ashley and Summer (cousins)
NFL San Diego Chargers

No Photo Yet!
Connie KC Chiefs 1970-74 (mother)
Catherine KC Chiefs 2005-09 (daughter)

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