Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Introducing the Six Flags Thrilleaders 

Posted by James at 1:11 PM ET

Sunday at Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ, a second round of auditions for the Six Flags Thrilleaders was held. After the auditions, the judges huddled together and made their decisions. The result: six ladies and one guy are the first ever Thrilleaders.

Six Flags Thrilleaders
It's Ashley and Jasmine, who were selected for the team at the first auditions. Ashley's a Math major and Jasmine is a Psychology student.

Six Flags Thrilleaders
Candidates learning the choreography.

Six Flags Thrilleaders

Six Flags Thrilleaders
After the squad was selected, they entered the park and posed for photos.

More photos from the audition and with the Thrilleaders around Great Adventure in the gallery.

The Thrilleaders will be making their first official appearance this Thursday in NYC. Six Flags is celebrating the start of summer in the heart of Times Square from 11-1pm. In addition to the Thrilleaders, Bug Bunny and his friends will be on parade, there will be giveaways and a whole lot more.

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