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"I Love My Job Blog" 

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BR.com's web guy Dave Lang explains why he loves his job as he departs for Punta Cana with the Ravens cheerleaders.
by Dave Lang
May 11, 2008

Hello fans and welcome back to BaltimoreRavens.com. I’m Mike Duff…

Actually, I’m not Mike Duffy. Mike will remain at team headquarters in cloudy/rainy Owings Mills this week and continue to provide you with the latest news surrounding the football side of the Ravens. I, on the other hand, will be spending my week in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to bring all you faithful BR.com visitors daily coverage of the 2008 Ravens Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar shoot.

Before we get into what’s in-store for the week, let me first introduce myself and tell you why I love my job.

My name is Dave Lang and I’m the Ravens’ web guy. (The official title on my business card is New Media Coordinator.) My normal job responsibilities include updating BaltimoreRavens.com, posting Duffy’s stories, and creating graphics for the site. Most of the things that you see go up on BR.com were put there by me.

I absolutely love what I do.

Although I’ve never worked for another sports team, I imagine there are few other organizations that exude as much class as the Baltimore Ravens. (And I’m not saying that just because they sign my paychecks.) Every part of this organization—from the training facility to the equipment to the food—is top-notch. And each employee—from the front office to the coaching staff to my fellow members of the New Media Dept—is extremely good at what he or she does and is a pleasure to work with. (Plus, I wonder how many other NFL owners and presidents will sit and eat lunch with an intern as both Steve Bisciotti and Dick Cass each did with me when I first started with the team.)

This week however, my job responsibilities are changing slightly and I will honestly have a little extra love for my job.

In a meeting a little over a week ago, it was decided that someone needed to go on this trip to coordinate the content that will appear on BR.com. And since Duffy will be occupied with reporting about players and coaches this week, I stepped up, took one for the team, and assumed the duty of covering the 18 cheerleaders who will be shooting a swimsuit calendar in sunny, sandy Punta Cana. Hey! It sounds cliché but someone’s got to do it! And, with the best interests of the Web site in mind, I was more than happy to accept the extra responsibility.

2008 Swimsuit Calendar ShootI called my younger brother that night and told him where work would be sending me this week and what I’d be doing. His first words were, “Can I go with you?”

Over the weekend, I bumped into Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan and mentioned in conversation I’d be covering the shoot. He shook his head and sarcastically asked if I needed an assistant.

Even the doctor who administered my Hepatitis A shot last week mentioned to me that he normally feels bad sticking people with large needles but didn’t have any sympathy for me since I’ll be spending a week on the beach with a bunch of beautiful women.

Despite my attempts to remind all my friends that this is a work trip, they still don’t want to hear about it. Working in Punta Cana, they remind me, is still better than working in an office in Baltimore.

So if you are now in the camp that everyone else I know seems to be in right now—the group that hates me because my employer is paying me to travel to the Caribbean and follow around a group of cheerleaders for a week—let me tell you what I am going to do for you…

This week, I will be your eyes and ears of everything that is going on with the Ravens cheerleaders as they shoot the photos for their 16-month swimsuit calendar. I plan on bringing you exclusive behind-the-scenes content that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

This entry is the first edition of my I Love My Job Blog that I will be updating each day. Besides my written accounts, I will also be carrying around a small video camera wherever I go and let you see what I see. So when the girls go snorkeling with the nurse sharks on Tuesday, you will feel like you’re right in the water with them. And I have no clue what unexpected things might happen on this trip. But I do know that I will be there to capture the memories and share them on BR.com.

In addition to my reports, Leslie A. will chronicle the week from the cheerleader perspective in her RavensSpirit blog that she will update every day.

Melissa M. will take her personal camcorder around and give you an inside look at the trip from her point of view in her daily Cheer Cam video blog.

You can also expect to read a new feature each day, written by several other cheerleaders and staff members who will be on location in Punta Cana.

And if all of that is not enough, I’ll also be posting loads of photos taken during the swimsuit shoots and around the resort, as well as video interviews with our cheerleaders and video recaps of each day.

It might sound like a shameless plug for our web site, but BR.com is the only place where you will find this in-depth coverage of the Ravens cheerleader calendar shoot.

And I promise you the coverage will be awesome. How could it not be? The Ravens forced me to make the cheerleader swimsuit shoot my sole responsibility this week.

(Did I mention that I love my job?)

P.S.- Duffy…Say hi to Joe Flacco for me! I’ll send you a postcard from the DR.

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