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HRHS Coach Receives "Coach of the Year" Award 

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By Miki Ohata-Gonzalo
Samantha StilesWe are very proud of our HRHS Varsity Poms coach, Samantha Stiles, who recently received the "2007-08 Continental League Dance/Poms Coach of the Year" award.


"This year is tremendous for our program, we have a team comprised mostly of seniors who have been dancing together for years, and we want to take their talent and drive as far as we can".

Coach Stiles also says that the dance and poms community in Colorado is by and large one of the most competitive in the US and hopes to achieve some of the same accolades that teams before them have done. She is eager for the team to get the possibility to go to Nationals and compete with top teams from around the country.

"After a win at Regionals last year, we are wanting to come back stronger than ever, and this team knows that they can accomplish any goal they strive to achieve". "

The enthusiasm and work ethic of this team is impressive and the commitment they have to be the best they can, gives me full confidence as to what they are capable of". She feels very honored and proud to be associated with this program, and knows that HRHS Varsity poms will have a strong showing in the dance community this year.

Stiles, an alumni of Cherry Creek High School and former Denver Nuggets Dancer, has been coaching the HRHS Varsity poms team for the past two years with some assistance from JV Coach, Megan Green, who is also an alumni of Cherry Creek High School. Coach Stiles is currently a dance instructor and choreographer at Starstruck Academy of Dance in Centennial.

In past times, she has coached and choreographedvarious teams in Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas. Currently, she and husband, Brad Stiles, head Baseball coach at Ponderosa High School in Parker, are very excited to be expecting a baby in September!

Congratulations to a job well done! and Best of Luck next season!

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