Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Early Bird Registration for PRO Convention Ends This Week 

Posted by James at 7:00 AM ET

It’s the last week to register for the P-R-O Convention for the early bird price of only $240.00. After June 1st, the price will increase…so don’t miss your chance to save money! You know you want to go; you know you can’t miss it…so sign up already! In case you need more convincing, here are the Top 10 Reasons to attend for 2008.

10. Dancing next to hundreds of beautiful girls as pretty as you isn’t as hard as it seems…really.

9. Because you never know where you will need to audition if you ever decide to move. This is your chance to dance in front of the REAL Directors and Choreographers of Pro Teams across the nation.


8. Thrill your friends back home with Pro Cheerleader Knowledge!

7. All the other Hot girls are doing it…c’mon you know you want to…

6. Because your MySpace and Facebook pages deserve pictures of other dancing divas besides the one’s you rehearse with each week…

5. Since your boyfriend/husband probably doesn’t even like to support the team you cheer for….Excite him with news that you danced next to Pro Cheerleaders from his FAV team!


4. 3 words…Pro Cheerleader Boots!

3. It’s the only time where you will hear “I like your poms!” and not be totally offended by it.


2. Share secrets with other Pro Cheerleaders that will save the world…like a) what push up bra works best b) what pantyhose hold everything in the best and c) what lip-gloss won’t stick to your hair during a game.

1. Where else can you be guaranteed to get over 300 simultaneous “hair tosses” in one room????

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