Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eagles cheerleaders take flight to Iraq 

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By Keith Russell
Associated Press
May 30, 2008

ABC Philadelphia: It was the most glamorous day the Willow Grove airbase has seen in quite some time.

Eagles cheerleaders giving members of the Air National Guard a sneak peek of their upcoming twelve-day trip to Iraq.

"I don't think I can possibly fathom the way this is going to affect my life," Kjersti Soberg said. Five girls representing a wing of an entire region, showing troops they are surely missed and their courage is appreciated.

Those who have had tours of duty already know what this will mean.

"It's always such a nice break in the action, just a chance to get out of the routine a little bit and have a taste of home come to you," Lt. Col. Jeff Godfrey of the Air National Guard said.

"Realizing that you have folks that come and visit you from the nice area back home gives you a good state of mind and psychologically strengthens you," M. Sgt. Matt Giacobbe of the Air National Guard said.

A journey that will test the strength one member of the squad, in particular - Rachel Wasburn.

Wasburn is part of Drexel's ROTC program. Her next trip to Iraq could be as a soldier.

"It's nothing anybody wants to experience, but you learn to accept it and it's your duty; it's something you sign to do and are proud to do," Wasburn said.

With their most important right in front of them, these special young ladies are ready for take off.

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