Monday, May 19, 2008

A Championship Comes to Buffalo 

Posted by James at 7:30 PM ET

Congratulations to the NLL Champion Buffalo Bandits and their dance team the Buffalo Bandettes!

From the Buffalo Jills and Bandettes Blog:
Out of the 4 squads we've covered here, Jills, Bandettes, Bombshells, and Rush, only the Bandettes have ever gotten the reward for their efforts that they deserved. The Bills' 2 AFL titles came before the Jills Organization came into being, the Bombshells left town as the AFL's Buffalo Destroyers moved to Columbus and the Rush squad was dissolved midway through their inaugural season due to league mismanagement.

While the Bandettes as a squad has enjoyed getting to cheer on Championship teams before, those times came 12 years ago and more and do little to reward the efforts of the current squad. Of the current squad, Beth, Erin H, Erin Y, Kimberly, Meghan, Melissa, and Sarah were part of that squad that cheered on the Bandits 2 seasons ago. It was the ultimate in letdowns for these young ladies as they cheered their hearts out and worked their tails off all season long and during that title game hoping to see their Bandits hoist the Champions Cup only to see them fail right in front of them.

Buffalo Bandettes

This season, those 7 girls came back along with Amanda H and Ashley from last year's squad as well as Casey, Karla, and Korinne who had each been off the squad for at least 2 seasons. They added on rookies Amanda Z, Jessica, and Justina to round out a 15-girl squad and behind the coaching of a former Buffalo Jills Pro Bowler at coach in Erin J as well as the assistance of former Bandette Jaclyn, they worked hard all season long and got the reward they so richly deserved in a Champions Cup-winning Bandits team.

More on the Bandits Championship, photos and video at Phil's Blog.

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