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(Belated) Wedding Bells for Kristen and Rob 

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('scuse me folks. Seems like I'm always playing catch-up these days...)

Earlier this month former Cincinnatti Ben-Gal Kristen Schneider tied the knot with her fiance Rob Bolt. BIG TIME congratulations to the newlyweds, who have been together for almost nine years.

Those Ben-Gals are a tight family. The Bride was a Ben-Gal. The groom caught himself a Ben-Gal, two former Ben-Gals were in the wedding, and the bride's "Man of Honor," her brother Brandon, was stationed overseas with the US Army for several years and helped arrange the first Ben-Gals overseas tour in 2003. And of course, past and present Ben-Gals turned out en masse to show the couple some love, including Allison Leonard, Christi Ray, Sherri Keyes, Amber Sterbling-Lanich, Jessica Kantner, Daphne Seldon, Deanna Hazeley, Traci Napier, Charlotte Jacobs, Sharon Jacob-Schultz, and Tara Willson.

Now Kristen, some of you will remember, was a fashion major in college and designed the 2004-05 Ben-Gals uniforms and the Cincinnati Reds Crew uniforms for 2006 and 2007. But her talents extend far beyond costuming pro dance teams. (If you've been with us for a while, you may remember the beautiful wedding gowns Kristen designed for her senior project.) It should be no surprise then, that Kristen designed and made every single dress in the wedding. She made her own gown, six different dresses for the bridesmaids, the flower girl's dress, the groomsmen's ties and vests, the groom's tie, and the aisle runner. She pulled all of this off in addition to the usual pre-wedding insanity that goes on. (Oh please, don't even act like I'm the only single chick watching Bridezillas, Say Yes to the Dress, and Whose Wedding is it Anyway? We all watch, ok? We know what goes on during the wedding planning.)

Also ladies, let me reassure you on one point: Despite the couple's love for the Cincinnati Bengals, the bride did not choose Orange and Black as her wedding colors. Not that there would be anything wrong with that.;-)

Our friend Allison (Bride's BFF-slash-Cincinnati Reds Crew director-slash-former Ben-Gal) shared a few photos with us.

On the morning of the big day, it's important to start off with the right outfit and a hearty breakfast.

Check out the detail on the bride's gown.

FYI: this kind of thing takes a heckuva lot more than a BeDazzler and some good ideas.

Kristen's good friend and former Ben-Gals teammate Missy models her bridesmaid gown. Ooh la la!

The flower girl in her Kristen Schneider Bolt Original

Kristen and Alison on their way to the ceremony. It was a tad bit windy.

Loading the bride into the limo proved to be somewhat challenging.

Five minutes later...

Still working on it...


Bridesmaids Allison, Deanna, Missy, Suzanne, and Sara in the golden gowns designed for them by the bride. (Allison and Missy are both retired Ben-Gals)

Kristen designed this runner with the newlyweds' first initials

Just married!

The Man of Honor - Kristen's brother Brandon. (With wife Sara)

Missy and Allison

Former teammates Christi and Jessica

Former teammates Jessica, Deanna, Allison, Tracy, and Sharon

Mr. and Mrs. Bolt showing off their rings at the reception

Congratulations Rob and Kristen!

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