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Vikings Cheerleader Auditions Ongoing. 

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Vikings.com, online home of the Minnesota Vikings has a few articles following the progress of this year's cheerleader auditions. They're getting closer to selecting the team, so bookmark their cheerleader pages to see who makes it!

MVC Open Auditions
By: Amber, First Year Team Member

On Saturday, April 5th, 2008, 130 hopeful candidates arrived at Winter Park for Open Auditions. Nervous excitement filled the air as the candidates entered Winter Park looking glamorous and ready to perform for the judging panel. The candidates were competing for an invitation to the Training Camp portion of the audition process, while hoping to gain a coveted spot on the 2008-2009 Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders.

The candidates began the day by registering with the MVC staff and receiving their audition number. Then, they headed down to the field house to learn choreography for the first dance, Gimme Some Lovin’, by the Spencer Davis Group. Soon thereafter, the staff broke the crowd of 100+ women into groups of four to perform the dance for the judges. At the end of the initial performances, the judges left to deliberate, and the candidates learned the Cheer and Kick routine for the second round of the audition.

Following the second round of choreography, one of the judges returned to announce which candidates had been selected to continue to the second round of the audition process. The ladies nervously held their breath, hoping to hear their number called for the next round. Anyone whose number did not get called was thanked for their participation in the audition and asked to leave the facility. After the candidates took a moment to celebrate making it through to the next round, the judges returned for the second audition piece performed again in small groups of four.

The remaining girls performed the Cheer/Kick routine and learned another dance routine before going through two additional stages of cuts. At the end of the day, 57 women (including the 6 captains already selected for the team) were invited to the Training Camp portion of auditions, which will take place over the next three weeks. Congratulations to the incredible and talented group of remaining candidates!

Spokesmodel & Swimsuit Competition
By: Third Year VeteranMelissa,

Sunday was a busy and exciting day for 53 hopefuls competing for a spot to be a 2008 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader (MVC). This year, the MVC added a new element to their tryout process: the Spokesmodel/Swimsuit Competition.

The competition was held at the Graves 601 Hotel in Minneapolis and was also sponsored by Steele Fitness and Spalon Montage. It consisted of an opening performance, on-stage interviews and personal introductions, a swimsuit competition, a dance routine and a brief dance solo. The following top eight candidates were announced and one of these candidates will be chosen at a later date as the 2008 MVC Calendar Cover Model.

#1 Krisandra
#3 Rachel
#14 Lindsey
#43 Ellie
#44 Lissa
#48 Jenna
#51 Peyton
#52 Nicole

The MVC Candidates will be at the NFL Draft Party at Winter Park on April 26th and will have Final Auditions at the Mall of America on April 29th before the 2008 team is selected. Come cheer and support your favorite candidates at both of these fun events!

MVC Tryouts - Interviews

Congratulations, you’ve made it to finals!? It’s what was going through the minds of 57 talented women Saturday night. We were thankful, excited, and exhausted, but were already preparing for the next step in the process. INTERVIEWS!

With dances and cheers running through our heads, we thought of positive things to say about ourselves and reasons for wanting to be a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader. Although obvious, you don’t want it to come out the wrong way and you want to make sure everything is said, so you practice. Practice makes perfect, right?

Waking up the next morning, you pinch yourself, making sure it’s not a dream, and nervously get ready for the interview. Waiting outside the conference room with questions and answers going through your head, you know you are next.

You walk into the room to be greeted by four smiling faces, anxious to get to know you and your nerves are instantly calmed. The questions are asked and the answers are given; you even got them to laugh. The interview goes by fast, but your true colors shined.

As nerve-wracking as the interview process is, it gives you a boost of confidence because you realize that it is the REAL YOU they are looking forward to working with and potentially want on the team.

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