Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Victory is within reach! 

Posted by Sasha at 2:01 PM ET

High fives all around to the Clippers for making it to the top 2 in the 2008 NBA dance team bracket. And thank you on their behalf to all of you who have been voting for them. I am right this very moment doing a celebratory dance in my cubicle at work.

So this is it. We’re down to the final round. Clippers Spirit vs. Heat Dancers. Clippers Spirit have a lot going for them but the Heat Dancers do too. This will be a tough contest, but don't you think it’s time for someone else to walk away with the prize? (Which, I believe is something along the lines of a Blockbuster gift certificate. Oooo – spendy!)

Yeah…so, anyway….

You know the drill. Go to NBA.com and cast your vote to determine the 2008 NBA Dance Team Bracket Champions. Vote today. Vote tomorrow. Vote everywhere you can. Vote from Netscape, Firefox, IE, Sahara, and whatever else you’ve got loaded on your machine. Vote from your home computer. Vote from your computer at work. Vote from your friends’ computers. Call your mom and tell her to vote.

Vote, if for no other reason than to shut me up about this already.

Go Clippers! Woohoo!

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