Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Titans Cheerleaders Auditions 

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This past Saturday, over 150 potential hopefuls turned out for the 2008 Tennessee Titans Cheerleader tryouts. The event was held at the Titans practice facility in Nashville. The preliminary round was first, where the ladies learned a few eight counts from Director of Cheerleading, Stacie Kinder. They then performed the partial routine, plus a set of kicks for the judges that were on hand. After an hour or so of deliberation, the semi-finalists were chosen and the field was narrowed down to about 80 ladies. Returning veterans that were in their 2nd year or below were also added to the semi-final round. (Veterans that are in their 3rd year or higher advance straight to the final round). From here, Stacie taught another series of eight counts that were added to the preliminary routine. The ladies performed once again, and had to wait about an hour and a half for the judges to return with the list of finalist.

Now that the finalists are chosen, they have to go through a series of finals practice, where they will learn the complete routine to be performed on May 13. The finals will be held at City Hall in the Gulch. Tickets are $10 and can be requested at cheerleading@titans.nfl.com. Good luck to all the ladies!!

Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders returning veterans
Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders returning veterans

“Coming back as a veteran to semi-finals was a totally different experience than last year when it was my first year to tryout. I was really able to enjoy and soak up the moment instead of trying to figure out what the heck was going on! It was also a great way to look back at how much I've grown in the past year having been on the team and reflect on what an amazing group of women I've had the honor of cheering with. It's going to be a tough tryout with all of the women that made it to finals, but it just proves that each year our director keeps raising the bar." - 1st year veteran, Roz

“Saturday's Semi round went really well! There were a lot of beautiful and talented ladies that came out for a long day of choreography and hard work and by the end of the day, the judges selected a great group for our final auditions. Being a three year veteran and heading straight to the final round is an amazing feeling and I'm so happy to have made it this far to be able to have this experience. It's fun to cheer on your sisters and new hopefuls - and it's a great feeling for the ladies to have people cheering them on!" - 3rd year veteran, Lindsay

“We had a fantastic turn out of talented women at this year’s audition. The final selection will be extremely competitive, but I am looking forward to the process and the opportunity to learn more about each of the remaining finalists.” - Director of Cheerleading Stacie Kinder

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