Sunday, April 13, 2008

Texans Cheerleader Auditions Underway 

Posted by Sasha at 10:50 PM ET

Every year, the turnout for Texans Cheerleader tryouts eclipses that of any other NFL dance team. This year was no exception. Almost 900 would-be cheerleaders lined up outside the practice bubble for the chance to audition. It speaks very well of the Alto Gary and the Texans organization. In one day, the judges go through four rounds of auditions (the veterans join the group after the first two rounds) to narrow the group down to a more manageable size. The girls who survived the day will continue on through the next stages of the process, including interviews and finals. Good luck everyone.

Make sure you check out the video and photo coverage from prelims on HoustonTexans.com.

On a side note, Samantha, the last remaining member of the inaugural Texans squad is retiring. I'm sure she's going on to do other great things, and I wish her well. I never met Sam, but she strikes me as good people. I dug her.

(Meanwhile, audition season can be such a downer. Geez, these Texans. First Emily retired. Then Malia and Tiffany. Now Sam. I can understand if a girl gets cut from the squad, but you'd think at least SOME of these women would consider MY feelings before they just go ahead and retire ... I'm having all kinds of separation anxiety right now. I need to lie down.)

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