Saturday, April 26, 2008

Terminally Ill Man Granted Dying Wish 

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April 25, 2008
NBC Dallas/Ft. Worth

DALLAS -- A terminally ill North Texas man recently received his dying wish to meet the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, NBC 5 reported.

Mark Harris, Jr., a 26-year-old cancer patient, was all smiles as the cheerleaders greeted him.

Vistacare, the hospice organization caring for Harris, helped grant his wish. The organization said his prognosis is day-to-day, NBC 5 reported.

"It hurts a lot, but at first, you just let it go because I know that God is with me, I'm not worried," Harris said.

His family has known for months about the prognosis.

"Some days are funny, some days are a lot of fun and laughter, some days are very sad, some are very heart wrenching," his father, Mark Harris Sr., said.

The day his wish was granted was one of the good days as he was finally able to meet the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. He also met the Dallas Maverick Dancers on the same day.

Harris said as he continues to cherish each moment with his family he has one last wish.

"My wish is that I can just go to heaven and look down and see my family succeed," Harris said. [video]

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