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More from the Vikings Cheerleader Auditions 

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MVC Tryouts / Training Camp
By: Amanda - 3rd year Veteran

Welcome to Training Camp! April 8th was the first day of training camp for 53 beautiful ladies competing for a spot on the 2008-09 MN Vikings Cheerleaders Team. The training camp process is a 3 week intensive program to help the candidates prepare for the final auditions at the Mall Of America on April 29th. Participating in training camp will give candidates an inside look at what it will take to be a MN Vikings Cheerleader. Training camp is a busy and challenging time, they learn a variety of routines and cheers that will add up to the final show at Mall of America. The “show” will consist of 3 different style routines, a kick routine, cheers and a modeling segment. Every practice starts with a 3 mile run and this might be difficult in the beginning, but after the 3 weeks it will be easy and beneficial in the end. Although these ladies are very much focused on making the team, all the candidates are very supportive of each other and many friendships are made that will last a lifetime. This year the draft party will be a part of the training camp process. On April 26th the candidates will have a chance to meet and greet Vikings fans and become familiar with the Vikings organization.

Best of Luck to all the MVC candidates and hope to see you at the Final Auditions!

MVC Training Program

Being a member of the Training Program last year was a wonderful experience. The Training Program ran much like a dance class. We practiced together once a week at Winter Park to work on dance technique, routines, and poise. As a team, we spent the entire year preparing for open auditions.

Open auditions was the day we had been preparing for and it finally arrived on April 5th. It was a very exciting time. When I walked into Winter Park, the registration area was buzzing with excitement. There were 100+ talented, kind, and beautiful women ready to do their best to make the 2008 MVC team. For me, it was nice to walk into the room and see seventeen other familiar faces from the Training Program. We were prepared for the day and knew exactly what to expect. We encouraged and cheered each other on throughout the audition.

The day began with a dance routine. All of the ladies auditioning lined up in numerical order across the field to learn the audition material. We learned the routine fast. As I looked around the field, I noticed all of the dancers were very talented and were catching on quickly. I knew it was going to be a tough year to make it into finals. After we learned the first routine, we broke up into groups of four to audition in front of the judges. After performing our first routine, I felt good. I was proud of all of the TP members. We all danced our very best.

As the judges deliberated, everyone got back into their numerical lines to learn the material for the next round of auditions, cheer and kick. After some time, one of the judges walked onto the field to make the first cut. If you didn’t hear your number called, you were asked to leave the facility. We all held hands and listened for our number. As she began to read them, it felt like forever before she reached the 70’s, but I heard, 70, 71, 72…..and I was so excited. I got to dance for the judges again! I was even more excited to see that all of my TP team members also made it through to the next round.

We learned more material, performed for the judges and anxiously awaited for our number to be called again. It was a very exciting and nerve-racking day for me. There were long pauses between rounds as the judges deliberated. I could tell their decisions were getting tougher. There were so many talented ladies at auditions. I didn’t envy the decisions the judges had to make.

After a few more cuts were made, it was time for call backs. Numerous numbers were called back to dance for the judges. My number was not called. I didn’t know if that made me feel more at ease or more nervous. I had mixed feelings at this point of the day. Our TP coaches told us call backs were a good thing because it allowed you to dance for the judges again. Any time you can dance in front of them is a good thing. After call backs, we had another long wait before a cut was made. I looked around the room and I could tell everyone was getting tired and I think all of our feet hurt. It was worth all of the pain because it was the day I would find out if I would move into the finals which meant I was one step closer to making the 2008 team. After what felt like forever, they made another cut. This was the toughest cut of the day because it was the last one. We had all been there for such a long time and put our heart into each move. Again I heard, 70, 71, 72….I made it to finals! I now only saw hugs, smiles, and felt excited energy within the 57 lovely ladies moving to the next phase of the audition process together. Eight of us from the Training Program (TP) advanced into the final round of the audition process for the 2008 MVC season.

After open auditions, the next two days were set aside for personal interviews. This was a time for the judges/MVC staff to spend one-on-one time with each finalist to get to know each of us on a personal level. I thought the interview process went well. I left feeling proud to be moving on to the next round of auditions, training camp.

Training Camp takes place two or three times throughout the week from 6:30-10PM. It is a time for all of us to learn more dance material that will be showcased at the Mall of America final audition. This year is an extra special year for all of us because we were able to be a part of the inaugural Spokesmodel/Swimming suit competition at the Graves 601 Hotel downtown Minneapolis. We spent the first week of training camp learning material for this event as well as the Mall of America final audition. We were all working very hard to make it a great show…….and we did!

The Spokesmodel/Swimming suit competition was a blast and a huge success! Everyone looked amazing, and I am not just saying that. Every single candidate looked their very best and performed with enthusiasm. Backstage was a wonderful experience too. We had three different dressing rooms and everyone was more than happy to help each other get ready. I was pleasantly surprised to see how supportive all of the ladies were of each other. Although it was a competition, we were all having fun getting to know each other and cheering each other on. It was one of my favorite life experiences thus far! The top eight ladies of the night were selected and will be competing for the cover spot on the 2008 MVC calendar this year. I was not chosen, but was overjoyed for them. It was an incredible night.

Now it’s back to training camp to perfect our final show at the Mall of America. We are learning more routines, dancing across the floor, and working to improve our physical fitness. Representatives from Steele Fitness will be attending a of couple practices to work with us. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the very best in personal training. This whole experience has been something I will treasure for a life time. The ladies are fabulous, the coaches are amazing to work with, and to be dancing with beautiful, educated, and talented woman is indescribable! I love going through this process with the members of the TP too. It makes it extra special because we have all been working together to make it to this point. We are all great friends and I know we will be there cheering each other on!

Don’t miss out on the final audition. Come watch April 29th at Mall of America!

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