Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Michelle's Celtics Dancer Diary 

Posted by Sasha at 6:11 PM ET

April 10, 2008 - A Record-Setting Year
Boston Celtics

With the Celtics exceeding 60 wins, I got to thinking: As a Celtics Dancer, what have I done 60 times this season?

This was a more difficult question than I anticipated. Despite what seems like a great deal of repetition (game-practice-game-practice-appearance-practice-game), there's actually a good deal of diversity in what we do that keeps things moving.

I gave it some thought, and here is my short list:

1. Fake tanned. I can't imagine this is good for my skin, and if I had a dermatologist, I bet he or she would scold me after reading this, but it's New England and I don't exactly have the time or resources to jet set to go tan naturally.

2. Said the phrase, "No, I can't get you tickets." Long-lost friends, coworkers, eighth cousins thrice removed... they're all coming out of the woodwork looking for tickets, and the playoffs haven't even started.

3. Lost my earrings. So here's the scoop, we're supposed to wear rhinestone earrings on the court; but for some reason I just can never seem to keep track of mine (surprising for a girl who is so amazed by shiny objects). It seems like every three days I find my earrings, get really excited that I located them, put them somewhere that I "won't forget them," only to misplace them again, inevitably the night before a game. Wearing the earrings is something I have certainly not done 60 times this season. Losing them is.

4. Danced! Yeah, that one was too obvious and should probably be deemed cheating; but I'm leaving it anyways. Although it could be important to note that we've likely done each routine at least 60 times. Multiply that by about twenty routines, add in sidelines and half time routines, and I think it makes "Danced" an acceptable addition to the list. Besides, it's a good explanation for why I break out in my own choreographed dance party every time Timbaland's The Way I Are comes on the radio.

5. Felt like an idiot. Ok, this isn't as negative as it sounds. See, I have this habit of thinking I'm hilarious when I'm not. I used to think it was just a lack of censor, but it's not; it's just that my sense of humor is a little off. So, while I might find a joke hilarious, everyone else might find it simple.

Similarly, I often think things but decide they're best left unsaid, so I'll continue giggling through practice for no apparent reason. A few of the girls have come to take pity on my "condition," and humor me accordingly (Alexis acknowledges me with a headshake and Chantal with a very kind "Shhh..."), but I have no doubt some of my teammates have wondered when the men in white coats are showing up to haul me away.

So that's my list. Is it as cool as staging the biggest single-season turnaround in the history of the NBA? No, certainly not; but, hey, it's something, right?

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