Friday, April 18, 2008

The Last Days of NFL Europa:
Part 2 The Undiscovered Country 

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Our friend from Germany, Michael Fischer, updates us on the latest news with from the Cheerleaders from the defunct NFL Europa:

The end of the league was unthinkable. We didn't face the facts with an exception of a few people. Nobody had thought that the annual rumors would be a sad reality.

The main question for the Cheerleaders was, "Will be the Dance Teams continue?" The uncertainness demoralized the girls a long time.

Since the source capital from NFL Europa ran dry, the girls are forced to take the dance business in their own hands. And they did so with obvious success.

The Pyromaniacs Squad of Düsseldorf Rhein Fire have been divided in three teams:

First is the show dance team Fire Dancers; Team Cpt. Linda Haferkorn is the boss of the new founded Fire Agency.

The second team are the Pantherettes, Cheerleaders for the Football team Düsseldorf Panthers; Miriam Abel is the new coach.

The 3rd team is CLL Dancers (Cheerleader Label Langenfeld), which existed some time before. The CLL Dancers are flying to the Championship "Worlds 2008" in Orlando at the end of April.

Choreographer and Ex-NBA Cheerleader Kimberly Anne Cole changed her team name too - from Galaxy to Galactic Dancers.

The Berlin Thunder Dancers are now the Berlin Dance Team. Director Stefanie Ader will continue the team. New outfits are in the works.

Ex-Thunder Cheergirl Nathalie founded the Storm Dancers of the football team Kiel Baltic Hurricanes.

Dance Appeal
Dance Team Director Anna-Lucia Campanelli leads the former Centurions Dancers of Cologne. Anna and the cheerleaders have developed a new dance team concept, Dance Appeal. The official website was relaunched and rolled out last Monday.

Dance Appeal

Dance Appeal

Last Saturday, the Fire Dancers and the Galactic Dancers appeared at Charity Fan Bowling in Mühlheim/Ruhr. Andre alias Steini of Cheerleader-Spirit.com is initiator of this charity event. He sold the one and only Ela Cheergirl poster to the highest bidder.

More of Michael's photos in the gallery.

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