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Greetings from Clipper-ville! (cont'd) 

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Here we have the rest of the photos from last Saturday's Clippers game. Last time was all about the pregame preparations. Let's pick up from there. We've got an all-access pass, amigos.


The girls had a few things to do before the game.

Whitney did an on-camera spot, subbing for the arena hostess

A few of the other girls helped the DJ pump up the crowd

Members of the Red Jacket Brigade were stationed throughout the place for event security. I was curious about what all goes along with The Red Jacket. So I investigated.
(1) I asked the Red Jacket on the right (above) if he ever had to tackle a spectator rushing the court. He looked at me strangely and said "no."
(2) I asked a Red Jacket by the locker room if he'd ever had to clothes-line an unruly fan. He looked at me strangely and said "no."
(3) I asked a third Red Jacket up in the stands if he ever had to subdue a fan with a half-nelson or a headlock. He looked at me strangely and said "no."

No offense guys, but your job is boooorrrring.

Pumping up the crowd before the game.
(With a few of the Memphis Grizzlies guys warming up in the foreground.)

The Clippers Dance Team and Fan Patrol get ready to go

First things first: The National Anthem.

Beautifully sung.

Exiting the court

(Note to self: I have got to get a better camera.)

Making that Liberty look totally effortless

Maybe we should ask him if it's effortless.

Meanwhile, a few other Fan Patrol-ers brought a little excitement to the nosebleed section.

Arguably the best seat in the house

When this little guy realized he was on the JumboTron, he whipped off his t-shirt and shook his money-maker like a miniature Backstreet Boy in training.

A little audience participation

Tsk tsk. Voted off the island.
Escorted off the stage.

The Jr. Jam Squad is ready to go

Jr. Jam breaks it down

Note The Red Jackets still have everything under control.

Dangit, I can't remember which song this was.

I have no idea what he's looking at.

Rockin' the Converse

The girls take center court.
(Note to self: next time figure out how to get to center court without getting bounced by the Red Jackets)

Remember - you promised you wouldn't drop me this time.

Heel stretch!

Halfway through the game, about 500 kids in their jammies swarmed the court.

Karate Kid 4: Attack of the Clones

I bet you anything this little girl can kick some booty.

Frank Muniz and friend sitting courtside.
Malcolm in the Middle is all grown up.

My favorite photo of the bunch.

Lined up for the next routine

For pete's sake, would all you people GET OUT OF THE WAY?
I'm trying to catch some entertainment here.

Whitney stops for a photo with the guys who spent the whole game flirting with everyone woman who walked by.

This is the squeegee girl. Every time a guy fell down, she had to run out and wipe up the floor with that giant round squeegee thing. Those must be some sweaty dudes.


...another one

This guy is going to give himself a coronary one of these days

T-shirt toss

The girls dance to "Footloose."
[Sidebar: did you know the Clippers Spirit have their own theme song?]

All good things must come to an end.
Goodbye everyone! Bye now! Buh-bye! Bye!

Y'all come back now, hear?

One last photo with The Flirty Boys.

Ok, that's the end of it. Folks, I have to tell you - this was WAY fun. If you ever have the chance to do something like this, JUMP ON IT.

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