Friday, April 11, 2008

German Tour Cars Challenge DTM 

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Michael Fischer, our friend and colleague in Germany, reports on the festivities at the German Tour Cars Challenge DTM:

Last Sunday in in Düsseldorf was the first station of German Tour Cars Challenge DTM. The DTM start this presentation one week before the official season start in Hockenheim. For the third time, the regional capital Düsseldorf was the host of this motor sport spectacle. Over 2000,000 fans turned out.

And who can it better help celebrate than our local Cheerleaders. We met The Fire Dancers (formerly the NFLE Rhein Fire Pyromaniacs) and the Silver Stars - from the well known ice hockey club DEG Metro Stars - in the Inter Continental hotel. My photo colleague and I used the opportunity to take some pictures of the girls at the cars in the hotel foyer. The Silver Stars in the red-white costume outfit carried the Europa, Germany and Düsseldorf banners along the racetrack. The Fire Dancers did wear not the regular Fire Dancers costume. Their colors looks like the Care Bears family. ;)

The DEG Silver Stars begin their cheerleader tryouts next Sunday. Coach Staff Hazan Bora and Manuela Maas are looking forward to all new girls in their squad.

Fire Dancers

More of Michael's photos in the gallery.

And don't forget to checkout Michael's new site CheerDancers.com, covering all the Cheerleaders and Dancers in Europe.

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