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Foxboro High senior is finalist for Patriots' squad 

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B Bill Stedman
Sun Chronicle Staff
April 4, 2008

FOXBORO -No matter what happens Saturday, 18-year-old Foxboro High School senior Caitlin Davis figures she's already a winner.

The former Warrior cheerleader will find out this weekend if she will become a member of the New England Patriots cheerleading team. But even if she doesn't make the Patriots' final cut, she has already beaten the odds by getting to the final round.

"I made it here," she says of passing the first two hurdles in the team's selection process for the 2008 squad. "And there's always next year."

Davis was one of more than 300 applicants who showed up March 8 at Gillette Stadium to try out for the Patriots cheerleading sqaud. But she was one of only 32 to be asked back on March 22. Of that group, 24 will be selected to the 2008 team, with perhaps two named as alternates.

What makes it even more impressive is that she was one of just two girls to try out while still in high school.

"I'm one of the youngest," she said. None of the other aspirants knew her age until a recent practice session, when they were asked to pair up and "interview" each other, then get up at lunch and talk about that person.

"When she said I was still in high school, they all said 'What!? You must be crazy,'" Davis recalled.

She surprised many of her classmates at Foxboro High as well when news got out.

"I kept it quiet with my friends," she said. "I never knew how it would turn out. After going to the first auditions, I never had any plans beyond that."

But after she made that tough first cut, she said word got around school about her quest.

Part of what appealed to Davis about being one of the Patriot cheerleaders is that their job requires a number of community service appearances.

"That's what I did growing up with my church youth group," she said of helping charitable organizations like Habitat For Humanity and food pantries with the Mansfield Church of Christ.

"In addition to spreading a good image for the Patriots, you do some good things for others," she said.

Of course, she's also excited about being a part of the championship team they root for during the football season.
"My family's originally from Texas, where football is huge," Caitlin said, noting that her father, Tim, was a field goal kicker at Rice University. "I used to sit down on Sundays and watch the games with my father. I'm very into football."

Cailtin was a football cheerleader at Foxboro High her freshman and sophomore years, going with the squad to the national championship competition.

Davis said she left the FHS cheerleading program her junior year because "my grades needed a little improvement" as she looked ahead to college. She will be attending nearby Johnson and Wales University next fall, where she will be enrolled the fashion program.

But she says she missed cheerleading last year.

The idea of trying out for the Patriots cheerleading squad "came up on the spur of the moment," she said.

"When I went to the games, the cheerleaders always caught my eye. And both my older sisters were cheerleaders, so it was kind of in the blood."

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