Thursday, April 03, 2008

Buffalo Jills Open Workshop 

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From The Buffallo Jills and Bandettes Blog:

On March 30, the Buffalo Jills held the first part of the tryout process for the 2008 squad at Carol Joy's Fusion Dance Studio in Buffalo. On hand were about 115 hopefuls looking to make the squad, both as dancers and as ambassadors. In past seasons, only the captains were chosen prior to tryouts.

This year, the co-captains were also selected, which helped keep things running smoothly at the workshop. To the tune of a remix of 'Break The Ice' by Britney Spears, choreographer Kelli Wagner demonstrated a new sexy routine to the hopefuls with the assistance of Omarlla, Eileen, Nicole, and Christina.

Buffalo Jills
Eileen, Vincenza, and Kelly

Meanwhile, Jills Director Stephanie Mateczun went over what was expected of everyone trying out with the assistance of Jills Alumnae President Lori Marino as well as Jamie, Katie K, Kelly, and Danielle.

More photos and video at Phil's Blog.

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