Friday, April 04, 2008

5th Annual Real Deal Workshop 

Posted by James at 3:43 PM ET

Real Deal Workshop

Last weekend's 5th Annual Real Deal Workshop put on by AllPro3 was a huge success.

Nearly 160 girls, the biggest turnout ever, showed up at Houston's Humble Civic Center to learn what it takes to be a professional cheerleader.

Aspiring Cheerleaders were lined up early to pick the brains of the three guest choreographers: Marilu Harman from the MLS Houston Dynamo Girls, Erica Davis from the WNBA Houston Comets Team NRG, and Alto Gary from the Houston Texans Cheerleaders.

Real Deal Workshop

This year's new format included even more dancing.

Real Deal Workshop

Our good friends at The Line Up once again sponsored the Workshop and had actual costumes for sale that the girls could purchase for upcoming auditions.

Staff Force was on hand with tons of information to help the girls prepare for the all-important interview, a critical part of pro cheerleading auditions.

There, of course, were the usual 'sneaky sneaky' tips that were given out about how to make it further in the audition process, how to outshine the girl dancing next to you, and how to land a spot on the team. Sorry, we can't share any of those with you here on the blog, all the girls from the Workshop are planning in using this 'Top Secret' info for themselves!