Wednesday, April 23, 2008

3 Sisters Vie For Spots As Eagles Cheerleaders 

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(from left: Paige, Nikki, and Danni)

April 23, 2008

DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. -- It's a sister act in the latest round of Eagles cheerleader tryouts.

After weeks of tryouts, it all comes down to Wednesday night.

Sixty women want to be an Eagles cheerleader and three of them are siblings from Media, Delaware County.

NBC 10 got an all access pass Wednesday as the Bell sisters geared up for their big night.

Danni, Nikki and Paige are trying out for the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders.

"We always grew up dancing and we danced altogether. And everything we've done has always been together," Nikki Bell said.

Trying out to be a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader was the natural next step for the Bell sister.

"We're kind of known as the Bell girls. People don't know us separately," Nikki said.

"We always have that name everywhere we go," Paige Bell said.

The final auditions to be an Eagles cheerleader in front of a sold-out crowd is Wednesday night.

For Nikki, it's déjà vu, she made the squad last year and was Miss December in the famous cheerleader's calendar.

"It's a phenomenal experience to be out on that field on game day. The team is such an amazing thing to be part of," Nikki said.

For her two younger sisters, they've made it through cut after cut. Now, all three are part of 60 women vying for 38 spots.

NBC 10 was there as the three sisters got ready for their big night. They had a quick morning workout to burn off the nervousness, followed by a brush up on their dance routine.

The women will also be judged on their stage presence so the girls even practice their "sexy" walk.

"Having Nikki and Paige with me helps a lot. We go through it together. Talk with each other through the nerves and help each other out," Danni Bell said.

Once at home, just hours away from the big event, the sisters fight for bathroom space, doing hair and makeup before getting their outfits together. Then they packed for what they say is like a beauty pageant.

"I've gone through six or seven outfits for the dance, bathing suits, I've stopped counting," Paige said.

The cheerleaders get judged on swimsuit, dance routine and evening gown with a question.

Odds are one or two of them may not make it, but there is no sibling rivalry.

"We support each other. We've always been close and we know there's always next year in case we don't make it. We can have another chance," Danni said.

The results will be announced Thursday morning.

Now they are counting on a little luck to make history as the first three sisters to call themselves Eagles cheerleaders.

"I really hope that we all make it 'cause it would be absolutely amazing," Danni said.

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