Saturday, March 01, 2008

Peoria Pirates Name the Dance Team 

Posted by Sasha at 8:48 PM ET

Peoria Pirates

Two formal tryouts and 50 hopefuls later, the Peoria Pirates have selected a group of 16 talented, energetic and attractive women to represent the football team during the 2008 season. Today they announce the new name of the squad. The Pirates officially welcome the Black Pearls as the 2008 Dance Team.

The 2008 team includes: Amanda M., Crystal W., Brittany H., Janessa B., Susan H., Sarah B., Amanda C., Chazery C., Miranda D., Sarah G., Alexandra H., Whitney L., Philicia M., Ashley T., Nina W. The Black Pearls will also have Nicole Steward as the team's choreographer.

A contest was held to name the team. The winner, Bob from Crystal Lake, will receive 2 season tickets for the Peoria Pirates 2008 season PLUS a pair of official Pirates sweatshirts.

These talented dancers will entertain fans at all Peoria Pirates home games as well as at public appearances throughout the community. For more information on how to get the Black Pearls to appear at your event or establishment, contact the Pirates front office at 673-1000.

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