Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Paula Abdul Confirms New Album, Tour Are in the Works 

Posted by Sasha at 5:39 PM ET

Caryn Ganz
Rolling Stone

Tonight [2/21]Paula Abdul’s video for her new single “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” will get its televised premiere on American Idol (the clip, which features fellow Idol judge Randy Jackson on bass and a brief glimpse of Simon Cowell, got an early Web debut yesterday). The track is from Jackson’s own upcoming release Randy Jackson’s Music Club, Vol. 1, but Abdul is now revealing that she’s in the studio working on her first new album since 1995’s Head Over Heels.

“I am just in the beginning stages of it,” Abdul says. “I am working right now with different producers — Oliver Leiber, who co-produced the vocals on ‘Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow.’ He also wrote and produced ‘Forever Your Girl,’ ‘Opposites Attract’ and ‘The Way That You Love Me.’ We’re looking forward to putting a single out by the end of May, beginning of June.”

Being in the studio now “is more enjoyable,” she says, thinking back to the stints recording 1988’s Forever Your Girl, 1991’s Spellbound and Heels. “It was really nice being able to have no one expecting anything. No one knew that this was coming, it just kind of crept up from behind, and it was nice not having to feel the pressure of a time constraint.”

And Abdul says a tour isn’t out the question, despite the fact that she’s been battling a pain condition that’s resulted in fourteen surgeries. “I’ve definitely been thinking about it, definitely been taking meetings and hearing different opportunities that are out there for me,” she says. “I’m very particular about how I want to approach touring — I want to do something that’s very different and that really kind of embraces all that I do.” Abdul adds that she’ll be involved with the staging and choreography, but also hopes to work with “visual, creative people that I’ve wanted to work with and haven’t had the opportunity to in the past.”