Saturday, March 08, 2008

NLL Girl of the Week - Elizabeth 

Posted by Sasha at 12:37 PM ET

NJ native is first-year member of Angels Dance Team

Since she could remember, Elizabeth, a first year Angels dancer, has had a passion for dancing and performing for others. As a child, the New Jersey native remembers sitting her family down at get-togethers and making them watch her and her cousins perform the dances she had choreographed. Elizabeth has since turned her passion for dancing into a career, becoming one of the newest additions to the Angels Dance Team, as well as teaching numerous dance classes and performing in different shows throughout the Philadelphia area.

"I've always loved dancing around and making up dances since I could walk, but it wasn't until I turned 10 that my mom enrolled me in my first dance class," said Elizabeth. "It was inevitable that I was going to fall in love with the art. I love the arts and learning new things, but most of all performing."

Elizabeth plans on fulfilling her dream of becoming a successful performer and choreographer, and eventually teaching for a performing arts high school. This year she deferred admission to The University of the Arts to concentrate on performing in dance competitions, teaching and taking dance classes, as well as performing on the Angels Dance Team.

When not dancing, Elizabeth stays active in the community by volunteering as a teacher's aid for religious education classes and camps at her local church. She also enjoys shopping, acting and singing.

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