Thursday, March 13, 2008

NLL Girl of the Week - Caelee 

Posted by Sasha at 6:14 PM ET

Crush dance team member works in Rush front office

Caelee, a third-year member of Edmonton's Crush Dance Team, not only entertains fans on Rexall Place turf; she also is involved in the Rush's day-to-day operations as an employee in the team's front office.

Between her front office duties and her obligations with the Crush, the Lloydminster, Alberta native has quite a busy weekend ahead of her. Key events include Saturday's All-Star Skills Competition (and the first-ever 'Play with the Stars' youth event), the Rush vs. Knighthawks regular-season game, the All-Star Cabaret at Northlands Sportex, and of course, Sunday's All-Star Game.

"I'm very excited -- It's going to be crazy busy," said Caelee, whose obligations for the weekend include everything from Play with the Stars registration to assembling prize packs for lucky fans.

Caelee relocated to Edmonton to join the Crush Dance Team in their inaugural season, driving five hours for a pair of tryouts. She joined the front office and began juggling both responsibilities in October of 2006.

"Everything about the Rush is a great experience," she added. "I feel like an insider a little bit. You know a lot more about what goes on behind the scenes. You see two different sides of everything."

Caelee, who previously worked in day care and coached youth gymnastics, is also heavily involved with the Mini-Crush, instructing girls ages 4-12.

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