Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lehigh Valley Lady Outlawz 

Posted by James at 4:39 PM ET

Mid-Atlantic Dave was quite busy on Saturday. In the evening he made his way to Bethlehem where the Lehigh Valley Outlawz defeated the New Jersey Revolution 54-32.

Lehigh Valley Lady Outlawz
Robyn, Jes, Shannon, Gabrielle, and Michele (greeting fans before the game)

Lehigh Valley Lady Outlawz
Jes, Bethany, Robyn, and Gabrielle

Lehigh Valley Lady Outlawz
Jessica, Jackie, Julie, Marci, and Kate

Before the game Former Eagles LB Bill Bergy did the coin flip and Rachel Marie Brooks, (Miss Pennsylvania 2007), performed the National Anthem.

Official Lady Outlawz Website here.

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