Monday, March 10, 2008

Double Dose of Bandettes 

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I fell a little behind so we've got two game's worth or reports and photos from Phil on the Buffalo Bandettes. First on Saturday, March 1st:

Two weeks ago, an undefeated Minnesota Swarm team came into Buffalo and was handed their first loss at the hands of the Buffalo Bandits. This week, an undefeated Philadelphia Wings team showed up at HSBC Arena hoping to avoid the same fate. A 4-0 start to the game made things look bleak for the hometown Bandits but after a goalie switch, the Bandits roared back to take a 13-9 lead going into the half and finished off the hated Wings by a score of 21-12.

Buffalo Bandettes

The crowd was rocking all night long and a good part of the reason why was the dancing and beauty of the Buffalo Bandettes. They started off the evening signing their new posters for the arriving fans before dazzling the crowd with their dance moves, including a routine after the 3rd quarter choreographed by Casey. They finished off the night at the official post-game party at Pearl Street Grill and Brewery where some fans got to meet them and they got a well-deserved dinner. Check out these pics from the evening.

Also, be sure to check out these pics submitted by BanditsInsider photographer Lynnie Burak who filled in getting some Bandettes pics since I was across town during the early parts of the game.

And then this past Saturday:

Three weeks prior, the Minnesota Swarm came into HSBC Arena as an undefeated team and left with a loss to the hometown Buffalo Bandits. The Swarm came back hoping to avenge that loss. However, the Bandits had other plans and sent the Swarm packing with an 11-7 win over their hated rivals.

What should be noted is that Buffalo was in the midst of the worst winter storm of the season, including travel advisories which led many fans to wonder (and call the Arena repeatedly) if the game would even be played. The hearty souls of Western NY showed up from near and far, however, to the tune of 12,312 fans there to cheer on their team.

Buffalo Bandettes

The question is, however; did the fans show up just to see the game, or was the fact that the beautiful Bandettes were signing their new posters before the game a big reason? The line to get autographs kept pretty strong from 6-7 while the Bandettes, all of them tougher than they look and able to brave the storm to make it to the game, signed for their adoring public. They didn't stop with the autographs, however, as they put on some inspired dance routines and helped heat the Arena up while the weather outside tried to cool things down.

As always more photos and video at Phils Blog.

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