Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Community Grant Marks Professional Cheerleaders Alumi's Commitment to Women and Children 

Posted by James at 8:55 AM ET

Professional Cheerleaders AlumniThe Professional Cheerleaders Alumni will award their first annual $500.00 Community Grant on June 2, 2008. The Community Grant Program targets economically and socially at risk women and children of Northeast Florida, and will be awarded to a non-profit organization who shares a similar mission as the Professional Cheerleaders Alumni.

About Professional Cheerleaders Alumni, Inc. (PCA): Professional Cheerleaders Alumni, Inc. was founded by former Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders who want to continue their sisterhood with other professional alumni cheerleaders, while reaching out to the community. The mission of PCA is "to be positive role models who are committed to having an impact on the community by providing service, opportunities, and support to activities that benefit women and children." These ladies have volunteered hundreds of hours in the past two years appearing at charity events such as Jaguars Foundation's Honor Rows Program, Paint the Town, Straight Talk, Chance Foundation, and many other community efforts.

Members of PCA have formed a Grant Committee who will evaluate applications based on the program's impact to the community and individuals it helps. Non-Profit organizations benefiting women and children are encouraged to apply by May 30. Detailed information and a complete grant application may be submitted online or downloaded at ProCheeerleaderAlumni.com

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