Sunday, March 23, 2008

BOLT BABES: Highkicking hopefuls, the Charger Girls auditions in April 

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SignOn San Diego

The wicked smiles. The bah-bah-bouncy moves. The hair, "The hair is such a big Charger thing," says the (finger snap) short-haired redhead at the Charger Girls workshop at USD last Sunday.

"My hair will grow," Jordan Coil, one of the 200-plus hopefuls, says almost apologetically. A reporter suggests if she can't achieve it by the cheerleader tryouts April 13, she might as well weave it.

Because you have to have the right look for the 28 Charger cheer spots: think Bebe at the beach in full on MAC shellac. So what if a few scolds out there don't like dancing women in outfits best described as "second sparkly skin" distracting them from game day. The 18-year-old NFL cheer organization gives dancers a vaulted grassy stage and all the adulation they can handle. (When's the last time you got tapped for a calendar? It'd take scads of waxing and tucking before the meat-packing district would let the aforementioned reporter be Miss April.)

Current squad star Stacie (pictured left, with fellow Charger Girl Michelle and the 2007 team's calendar) designs custom swimsuits that could double as dance and cheer outfits (and vice versa) for Zonas Designs. So you wannabes have under a month to get your rhinestone tops. Also look into Sheer Energy pantyhose (sans control top), French pedicures, basic black briefs, fake eyelashes and matte eye shadow -- shimmer makes you look sweaty and "Sparkles aren't your friend," says Team Director Lisa Simmons (Charger Girl 2002-2004). She also suggests you brush up on your step-ball-changes at the Academy of Performing Arts.

The Charger Girls tryouts are April 13-17 and are NOT open to the public. Looky loos will have to go to Black's Beach for ogling, or check the SignOnSanDiego photo gallery after auditions. Oh, press pass, the places we will go!

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