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Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders in Italy 

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Story and Photos by MC2(AW) Jason T. Poplin / Jeni James
Fleet Public Affairs Center Detachment Sigonella / Morale Welfare Recreation
The Sailors and families of Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella were treated to a little post-football season cheer February 9.

Cheerleaders from the Atlanta Falcons performed an exhibition at the Naval Air Station Sigonella flightline fitness center, in addition they held a cheerleading clinic designed to pass on various techniques and ideas in addition to an overall enthusiasm of the sport to Sigonella's fledgling cheerleaders. The exhibition included a display of choreographed dance routines, trivia, and other forms of crowd interaction.

Falcons Cheerleaders
The Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders perform for the Sigonella community at the Naval Air Station Sigonella flight-line fitness center.

Their second stop on a seven-show tour, the cheerleaders have planned to perform at a variety of venues with stops at military installations in Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Egypt to further their efforts to maintain strong ties with their community, both at home and abroad.

"Not only do our ladies perform at the team's home games, but a large percentage of what they do is attending events at schools, assisting with local charities, and appearing at corporate events," said Chato Waters, Coordinator of the Falcons Cheerleaders.

"These events are very inspirational for us and are a great opportunity to represent our team and our city. I think the city of Atlanta loves the fact that we are able to leave and represent them overseas and to also come into contact with people that are also from Georgia. It's always nice to be able to see them smile, to see how much they miss home and for them to see the role that we play outside of the traditional football game."

Prior to the adult show, The Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders led a Cheerleading Expo at Fit District. The MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) Youth Sports Cheerleaders, ranging in ages 5 -13, were able to show off their cheers as well as learn new ones.
"It's amazing watching my squad learn so many cheers in a short time," said Jenni James, MWR Youth Sports Cheer Coach. "Our squad is made up of 5-6 year olds, and we usually focus on one to two cheers a week but today they learned five!"

The two-hour expo was jam-packed as the MWR Cheerleaders got the opportunity to show their cheer talents to the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders. Afterward, the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders did a show for the audience and ended the expo with the Cupid Shuffle dance with the whole audience participating.

Falcons Cheerleaders
The exhibition included a display of choreographed dance rountines, trivia, and other forms of crowd interaction.

"It was so exciting to see some of my girls break out of their shell and jump right into cheerleading," said Jenni James. "They will remember this day for a long time."

And watch a video report of the Falcons Cheerleaders at NSA Naples here.

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