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Vikings Cheerleaders in Iraq 

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Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Nicole, LeAnne, Krisan and Sarah are in Iraq and blogging about their trip at Vikings.com

Super Sunday Tour

By: Krisandra-1st Year and Sarah-3rd Year Veteran

After over 24 hours of traveling we arrived safely in Kuwait at 9:30 PM Wednesday, January 30, 2008 (12:30PM Minneapolis). For the next 2 nights we will be staying in Kuwait City touring camps throughout Kuwait during the day.

It turned out Nicole & LeAnne, our teammates were at the same hotel for one night! They spent the past day touring Kuwait and leave for Iraq tomorrow. It was wonderful to see familiar faces and to hear all about their adventurous first day.

Joining us on our Super Sunday Tour is Brian Lee (Pro Sports MVP), Steve Wisniewski (Retired Raider), Jason Elam (Broncos), and Tim Dwight (Raiders).

Day 1 -Thurs January 31, 2008:

Camp Arifjan: Camp Arifjan was the first stop of our tour and for our troops before they are assigned a mission to Iraq and Afghanistan. The troops were very insightful in sharing their knowledge about Camp Arifjan, the Kuwait Government and the US Military’s strong relationship with Kuwait. We signed autographs, had photo opportunities, and chatted with the troops about their service time and families back home. We were honored when the Commander and his staff presented us with an honorary certificate & military coin.
Vikings Cheerleaders in Iraq

Camp Buehring: On our way from Arifjan to Camp Buehring, about a 45 minute drive across the desert, we encountered a herd of nearly 100 camels who showed no fear of taking their time to step out into traffic to cross the road.

Camp Buerhing is the last camp the troops train at before they head out on their missions into Iraq and Afghanistan. We joined the troops for chow at the mess hall for lunch. Holding the troops' M4s with a grenade launcher for a photo opportunity was just one of the highlights during out visit to Camp Buerhing. Most of our conversations with the troops were back and forth "thank you’s". It was truly hard to determine who was more thankful. They showed their appreciation for our visit by presenting us with plaques, pins, BDUs, and military badges.

Camp LSA: Our next stop of the day was to be Camp Virginia. However, as we were leaving Camp Buerhing to drive to Camp Virginia we received word that Camp Virginia was in lock down. So we carried onto out last stop of the day, Camp LSA. Majority of the troops at Camp LSA finished their missions in Iraq/Afghanistan and were preparing to head home. While visiting with the troops we got some insight on the Super Bowl outcome. The troops pick for the Super Bowl? New England by a landslide! We are just hoping for a great game!
Vikings Cheerleaders in Iraq

Everyone is so kind and polite. We are grateful for the time we are spending here to extend our appreciation for the troops' sacrifices and service. Today we met troops from all around the world and yes, even, Minnesotans! We met troops who retired and decided to come out of retirement to continue to serve in the war on terror. We meet troops who wanted us to share their mission and all the good they were doing over here in the Middle East.

Tomorrow we are off to Iraq in a C-130 to Balad.

Stay tuned for more! Go Vikes!

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