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SI Round-up 

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From Philly.com

Eagles Cheerleader Janipher Choi has made it to the Super Bowl of the swimsuit-modeling world: a spot in Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue, released last week with a party in New York.

Choi, one of a dozen NFL Cheerleaders in the mag, is getting well acquainted with New York. In December, the 2007 Rutgers grad took a merchandising job with Foot Locker. After commuting daily from the Blackwood home of her mother, Nancy - leaving her with four hours of sleep a night - Choi just moved to Jersey City, N.J.

This means she won't return for a fourth season with the Eagles.

Foot Locker's branded-merchandise department is packed with Giants fans, she says, adding that hers is the only desk festooned with Eagles stuff."

Janipher, Eagles Cheerleader

Janipher at SI.com.

From TampaBays10.com

For the first time ever, Sports Illustrated is featuring NFL Cheerleaders in their annual swimsuit issue.

Twenty eight year old Milly Figuereo got to stru her stuff in a swimsuit.

The photo shoot was held in New York City. Milly says the crew made her feel right at home.

"They had the hair and makeup team. The photographer was great. They had the music going, the fan blowing, you know. It was just a great experience all the way around so they really pull you in and really make you feel comfortable about it it is that you're doing and I think that's the way they're able to get those really natural candid shots because you're just having fun out there," says Figuereo.

Milly, Bucs Cheerleader

Milly is also gearing up for another big photo shoot, for her wedding pictures. She's getting married in two weeks.

Watch a video of this story here.

Milly at SI.com.

From WRBL.com

A Phenix City woman is featured in one of the most popular sports magazines in the country. 22 year old Jessica Trainham an Auburn University student posed in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition with many other models. "Oh it was really exciting, I feel really blessed to have the experience

I did. When I got chosen I was thrilled like any girl would be. Sports Illustrated is huge, so when I found out about it I was really excited". Jessica tells News Three the opportunity came about by chance. In addition to her being a student at Auburn University, Trainham also moonlights as a Cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons. Someone from Sports Illustrated saw her picture and chose her and eleven other NFL Cheerleaders and put them in the magazine. "She told us they went on the website and randomly selected the girls they were looking for. And it was an honor to know that I had the look they were looking for" Jessica said.

Trainham grew up in Phenix City and went to Central High School. She tells News Three her recent fame and success has not gone to her head. She says she is proud to be from Phenix City where her family and friends keep her grounded. "Its cool seeing people know who I am, but as far as staying grounded I'll always be that way thats just the type of person I am. I'm excited about this opportunity, but I think its more important to know where I came from and stay that way". In addition to posing in Sports Illustrated, Jessica has been featured in several other publications including: The Atlanta Sports and Fitness Magazine. After she graduates in May from Auburn, Trainham wants to intern at a Television station in Tampa, Florida. Her goal is to become a TV News Reporter.

Jessica, Falcons Cheerleader

Watch a video of this report here.

From AccessAtlanta.com

Walking around New York City on a recent night, Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Jessica Trainham couldn't seem to find a newsstand.

"You think there's one on every corner, but there was not one in sight," said Trainham, a 22-year-old senior at Auburn University.

Finally, Trainham and her boyfriend found a bookstore, bought a copy of the new Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and turned to page 147, where she got her first look at her modeling debut in one of the world's most sought-after publications.

Trainham's photo shows her in a team-spirited red, black and white barely-there bikini with silver polka dots.

"I was very pleased with how (the pictures) turned out," Trainham said. "Of course it's Sports Illustrated, so I knew they'd do a good job."

The folks at SI contacted the Falcons last summer after deciding to feature NFL cheerleaders in their swimsuit edition for the first time. After looking through the roster, "they decided I was what they were looking for," Trainham said.

In late June, Trainham and 11 other women (including twins) were treated to a weekend in New York and a day-long photo shoot. "They treated us like royalty," Trainham said.

The magazine flew the women back to New York last Monday for Tuesday's surprise reveal of which model would grace the cover.

Trainham is studying to be a broadcast journalist and hopes to intern this summer in Tampa. She's not sure if she'll remain with the Falcons after her contract expires in May. Her future in modeling also is up in the air.

"If any opportunity knocked, I'd take it," she said, "but right now I'm focusing on (starting) my career.

"This is something I probably won't ever get to do again, so I'm just savoring the moment."

Jessica at SI.com.

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