Monday, February 04, 2008

Ravens Cheerleaders Welcome Home SFC David Armes 

Posted by James at 2:05 PM ET

Last Thursday at Reagan National Airport Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders Meaghan and Suzanne welcomed home SFC David Armes who had spent the last 12 months in Afghanistan's Khost Province.

Ravens Cheerleaders
Megahan, David and Suzanne. Photos by our good friend Pro Bowl Dan.

Ravens Cheerleaders
Megahan, Kathy (Both Meghan's mom and David's girlfriend), David and Suzanne.

SFC David Armes is a member of the National Guard Infantry. In Afganistan he was training the Afghan army and police. Originally, five members of David's team were to be arriving together. But, a snow storm coming out of Chicago dispersed the men to different flights.

Meghan recounts, "A few days leading up to David's arrival we were all getting anxious to have him home safe and sound, especially my mom. It was very cool as David walked out of the security gate he ran right to my mom of course, and got a standing ovation and round of applause from everyone around. It was a pretty emotional arrival and long waited needless to say."

Ravens Cheerleaders
Also in the photo is Meaghan's puppy Faith who is proudly decked out in her Ravens Cheerleading uniform. Dan adds that the only way he could get Faith to look at the camera was to bark right before he took the picture. This had the added effect of making the people in the picture laugh.

Ravens Cheerleaders
Meaghan says, "As a cheerleader its moments like this that make it all worth while. There's no greater feeling than to thank our men and women who put their lives on the line for our freedom. Suzanne and I were proud to be part of his welcoming team. Overall, it was a long year and we're glad to have him back home."

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