Monday, February 25, 2008

The PCB Reader Survey 

Posted by James at 10:31 AM ET

(Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. Results will be posted shortly)

Probably the number one question people ask me is "Who is reading the Blog?". Based on my e-mail I want to say it's 80% Cheerleaders and Dancers and 20% fans, but that's just a guess. So I put together a little survey and if you could spare a couple of minutes to fill it out we'd really appreciate it.

Also, some of you may know that we're working on a new blog design. Not only do we want to update our look, we're also looking to incorporate some new features and we'd like to know what you'd like to see, what you'd like to see more of, and what you'd like to see less of (if anything).

Eagles capAnd as a little bonus, we're giving away this pink ball cap autographed by members of the 2007-08 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. For a chance to win just enter your e-mail address at the end of the survey. I promise no spam and only to use this address to notify the winner and after that all the addresses will be deleted. Not interested in the hat, just leave the e-mail field blank.

What is your age?

What is your sex? Female Male

Where do you live?

United States
Overseas US Military Base
Elsewhere in Central America or the Caribbean
South America
United Kingdom
Elsewhere in Europe
South Korea
Elsewhere In Asia
New Zealand

Which best describes you?

Aspiring Cheerleader/Dancer
Current Cheerleader/Dancer
Former Cheerleader/Dancer

How many years have/did you cheer professionally?

How often do you visit the blog?

My first time
Once a month
Couple of times a month
Once a week
Few times a week
Every weekday
Every day
Multiple times a day

What would you like to see or see more of on the Blog? (Check all that apply)

Audition Tips
Posed Photos
Candid Photos
Action Photos
Where is She Now/Alumni News
Polls and Votes
Lists (e.g. Lawyers, Servicemembers, Twins)
International Coverage
Discussion Forums/Message Boards
A Specific Team or League
Something Else

What, if anything, would you like to see less of?

Have you ever purchased a professional cheerleader calendar? Yes No

Have you ever attended an event or appearance just to see the cheerleaders/dancers?
Yes No

Any other additional thoughts or comments?

What's your e-mail address (for hat giveaway only)?