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DCC Makes It To The Big Game After All 

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Pamela Jagger Purcel
DallasCowboys.com Staff Writer
January 28, 2008

While it may not be Super Bowl XLII in Arizona, this particular game was certainly of big importance to one particular Dallas Cowboys fan.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Christina Parker, Sarah Gourley, Nicole Hamilton, Megan Fox and Makenzie Swicegood all moved to the head of the class this week as they made a nationally-televised appearance on Fox's wildly popular game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Good news, we're pretty sure they are. After all, in order to make the exclusive NFL squad, the ladies must have at least a high school education - and most have gone on to achieve higher education.

The Cheerleaders' participation in the special two-hour episode served to surprise a contestant who is a paramedic from Sunland, Calif., and who also just happens to be a big Cowboys fan.

It's fitting, too, that the world-famous ladies appeared alongside the fifth-graders during this family-friendly show. The DCC spends countless hours each year working with children of all ages in a variety of programs, whether it's visiting the young military dependents who are stationed overseas, the tiny patients of Dallas' children's hospitals or the thousands of little girls who attend the Cheerleaders' exciting Camp DCC and Cheerleading/Dance Competition programs each year.

Acclaimed comedian Jeff Foxworthy hosts the game show, which according to show creators, measures adults' lack of knowledge - as revealed by how much they've forgotten since grammar school. Adult contestants find themselves revisiting their youth in a classroom setting, tackling subjects they've already been taught - from art to geography to math to social studies - with test questions derived from actual textbooks used in the first through fifth grades.

As a special treat, the Cheerleaders performed a high-energy routine in the style they are famous for. When asked how the contestant planned to spend his winnings if he managed to bank any, he listed buying Dallas Cowboys season tickets with flights in from California for every home game (just behind purchasing a 1972 Corvette).

So, did the ladies help the die-hard Cowboys fan secure a win? Well, he walked away with $50,000. Not bad!

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