Monday, February 04, 2008

Dallas Cheerleaders Encounter Local Chill 

Posted by James at 2:04 PM ET

By Nick Lees
The Edmonton Journal
DCCDallas Cowboy cheerleaders Makenzi Swicegood and Trisha Trevino called home from Edmonton Sunday to report a record.

"This is the coldest place a Dallas cheerleader has ever been in uniform," said Swicegood.

"I brought Texas winter clothes, but they are for sho' not practical," said Trevino.

"Fortunately we are spending all our time indoors. But just to be prudent, I brought a neck warmer."

Trevino said the Edmonton temperature of -24 C was a far cry from a Dallas cheerleader visit to Iraq in September.

"We had to wear a helmet and bullet-proof vests there," she said. "And the temperature was more than a 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 C)."

The pair, both 23, said they looked up Edmonton's exact location when they were on the plane here from Dallas.

"We knew it was going to be cold here," said Trevino. "But not this cold. We are enjoying the great outdoors while going by car to and from the airport."

The cheerleaders said Dallas sometimes gets a few snowflakes. "But we've never seen mountains of snow the way you have in Edmonton," said Swicegood.

The cheerleaders talked to fans and posed for photographs for two hours before the game began.

Swicegood said they were supporting the Giants because they are in the same football conference as Dallas. "Dallas had a great season. Had they made it to the Super Bowl we would have been there today."

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