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Ben-Gals Blog from Afghanistan - Part 1 

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Cincinnati Bengals

We Made It!
Feb 2 2008

To all our loved ones back home, we have arrived safely to Afghanistan and this is the first time since our leave on the 31st that we have had any access to Internet and phone, so don't worry we are fine.

There are six of us on the tour, Kat and Stephanie representing the Cincinnati Bengals, Cooper Carlise a linebacker from the Oakland Raiders, Jason Baker a punter from the Carolina Panthers, Ben Hartsock, a tight end for the Tennessee Titans, and Jeff Kennedy from KA Sports as our guide. We have all become like a little family on this trip and it has been so rewarding for each of us.

We have our very first appearance tomorrow because we have been traveling since the 31st but the guys are so excited to have someone from back home bringing them some cheer. Once we arrived in Qatar, we went bowling with the troops, which was so much fun! Then we woke up after one hour of sleep to board a military plane for Afghanistan. This was an adventure for all of us because they allowed Kat and Stephanie, along with the players, to sit in the cockpit with the pilots. Kat flew the plane and Stephanie switched the fuel tanks.

If you ever wondered how to scare NFL players, allowing two girls to control the plane is the way to do it! Once we landed, we have just eaten and been settling in. We are having an amazing time so far! We have seen the Persian Gulf and we also flew over Pakistan. It is cold and dusty here, but the mountains in Afghanistan are beautiful. We are looking forward to watching the Super Bowl with the troops. That's all for now, we will send more later.

Stephanie and Kat

Tuesday Update
Feb 5 2008

Hello everybody!

We are having the best time. This trip has been truly amazing so far! We have been very busy for the past few days. We visited a hospital on base, and were able to meet the medical staff and patients. Many of the patients are locals who were brought on base to be treated. Through visits like these, it has become clear that the United States has such a tremendous impact on this country and its people.

It is especially amazing to meet the men and women who dedicate their lives to not only our country, but to the general welfare of all people.

We also watched the Super Bowl with the troops, but we woke up at 3:30 in the morning to do it! It was very cool to hang out with the soldiers. We have also been touring the base and seeing many different types of planes and helicopters.

Overall, we are happy and having a blast but we are freezing! There was a snowstorm here and we are snowed in today. Everything is a sea of white and very slippery. We are hoping that it will lighten up and we will be able to visit other local camps.

Kat and Stephanie

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