Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sitting Pretty with the DCC and Roto-Rooter 

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Pamela Jagger Purcel
DallasCowboys.com Staff Writer
January 22, 2008

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, arguably the most glamorous ladies in their industry are heading to New York City, also synonymous with glamour to promote what else, a bathroom.

But of course, this is no ordinary bathroom; this is the pimped out... er uh, the primped out fantasy bathroom for ladies. That's right, the DCC is teaming up with Roto-Rooter to offer the perfect place to watch the Big Game --or maybe even catch an episode of the DCC hit series "Making the Team". What makes this bathroom so posh? Well for starters: a salon-style hair dryer, a pedicure tub, a Nintendo Wii and a triple-threat, flat-screen TV that also functions as a mirror and a heated towel rack.

"What woman wouldn't want these amenities?" asks Megan Fox, four-year cheerleading veteran. "I'm all for pampering now and again, but the real beauty of the Pimped out Powder Room is the multi-tasking it encourages. You can dry your hair, soak your feet, make a cup of tea, check your e-mail and catch up on the game - all while sitting on what's sure to be the most comfortable seat in your home. They've thought of everything!"

Fox will be joined by fellow DCC Carmen Butler, Makenzi Swicegood and Meredith Oden as they promote the Roto-Rooter Sweepstakes in New York City on Tuesday January 22nd.

This ultimate bathroom destination for the modern woman was created as a follow-up to last year's "Pimped out John" sweepstakes. More than 300,000 people entered to win the wacky custom-made commode decked out with every imaginable luxury enhancement, from an Xbox and LCD TV to a kegorator and bike pedals.

But this time it's the ladies turn! The company put a feminine touch on the prize as a shout out to those who make the most service calls: women. Who knew?!

Roto-Rooter was established in 1935 and today is the largest provider of plumbing and drain-cleaning services in the United States and Canada. "Roto-rooter understands that when it becomes necessary to seek high-quality plumbing and drain service, women make that call 55 percent of the time," said Paul Abrams, Roto-Rooter's public relations manager. "As a thank you, we've created a truly female-inspired refuge."

Why the cheerleader tie-in? According to Abrams, "The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are not only notoriously feminine, they're extremely busy. To be a member of the squad, the women must be enrolled in college or working part or full-time, not to mention the long hours of physical and mental conditioning they go through to make the team. Whether waiting for practice to start or to hit the field, they spend hours in locker rooms each week where they not only get ready and perfect their routines, but also do homework and check e-mail. As football mania sweeps the nation, we're honored to partner with the NFL's most elite, squad - perfect representatives for a prize specifically designed to rejuvenate women pressed for time."

The following features were incorporated into the Pimped out Powder Room to ensure all time spent there is pleasant:
Roto-Rooter is also throwing in a complete line of top-notch cosmetics along with two sets of fluffy pink and white towels. And as if that weren't enough, they'll even make a house call to install your Pimped out Powder Room! Visit RotoRooter.com to register to win the Pimped out Powder Room from Jan. 22, 2008 through April 1, 2008. The winner will be crowned on National Plumber's Day: April 25, 2008.

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