Saturday, January 12, 2008

She's Not In Kansas Anymore 

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Villanova Junior is Flying High as an Eagles Cheerleader

Katheryn, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Katheryn, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader

When it came time to choose a college, Kansas-native Katheryn decided she wanted to break out of her home state. Searching among East Coast Catholic Universities, she visited both Boston College and Holy Cross. When she came to Villanova, she instantly fell in love with the campus. "It's cozy. Near the city, but not in the city."

Since she had been dancing since she was three and was a cheerleader for seven years so it was only natural she would become a member of the Villanova Dance Team. For two years she performed at 'Nova football and basketball games and made public appearances at University and community events.

An internship in Eastern Europe during the summer of 2006 taught Katheryn that some Eastern European societies still need a little catching up when it comes to accepting women in the workplace.

This past spring the Accounting and Finance Major decided on a whim with her friends from the 'Nova dance team decided to try out for the Eagles Cheerleaders. When she found herself in the finals, Katheryn decided this was something she really wanted and went all out. And she made it, one of 19 rookies on a squad of 38.

A summer internship she had lined up in Spain for the summer of 2007 had to be quickly abandoned when she made the squad. But she was able to score another internship stateside with Merrill Lynch.

It turned out being an Eagles Cheerleader was much more than Katheryn had ever expected. From the grand: Before the Eagles home opener Kathryn had already visited Mexico twice, once for the Eagles Cheerleaders Calendar photo shoot and a second time to promote the start of the NFL season. To the humbling: when the first young girl asked Katheryn for an autograph and she realized she was now a role model for young girls.

And then there was,of course, the challenge of balancing the rigors of college with the responsibilities of being an NFL Cheerleader. Not always, but occasionally, it would be after midnight when Katheryn returned from the grueling Tuesday and Wednesday night practices.

Katheryn, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader
Katheryn (with Lora and Heather) at the Eagles Carnival and Auction

Katheryn says that the highlight of her season would have to be the Eagles home opener, a Monday Night clash against the Redskins. Katheryn's entire family, father, mother, brother and sister made the trip to Philadelphia to see her perform in her first regular season game.

So what are Katheryn's plans for after cheering and graduating? She says she'd really like to live in New York City and to be working on Wall Street or in private wealth management.

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