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Scottish Rockettes Calendar Shoot 

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Checking in with our friends in the UK the Scottish Rockettes...

2008 Calendar: Behind The Scenes… Kat's Diary

So it was my sixth year doing our charity swimwear calendar!!! Yes, SIXTH year!! Phew!

Back at the Daily Record studio for what promised to be THE best Calendar shoot ever. I mean, have you seen the stunners we have on our squad this season? No, not me. Well yes me but - no really, all of the girls are stunning. It was going to be battle of the pom pom’s to see who would be winning the coveted spots of their very own month for our 2008 calendar. Note to self: sabotage as many stunners as possible.

The studio was set up ready to go. Our prop for this year was a nice shiny polished scaffold which the likes of Michelle and Linzi thought it’d be funny to start swinging like monkeys from. Eh no girls, leave it alone. The fake tan was flowing, nails were being buffed, hair dryers blasting and curling tongs sizzling away. Our very own Rockette Pauline was applying our make up and a very good job she did too. Honestly, I didn’t recognize half my squad members after they’d been transformed by Pauline’s magician’s brushes. I made a start on the packed lunches as soon poss. Well, it’s a dog eat dog world this modeling malarkey, and I was making sure I was fed! Didn’t want mistaken for one of the scaffold poles!!

Being a vet, I was still very excited about the calendar but pre-occupied with nails and make up and eating some goodies that I obviously didn’t appear nervous. Some of the rookies on the other hand were scurrying past me at top speed and were talking just as fast. I remembered back to my first calendar shoot and thought I better try cracking some jokes to take the nervous edge off. We all started taking some snaps and having a laugh at the regular joker Clayr D, if she wasn’t walking like Tina Turner with her bikini pants up past her waist she was pulling her Jim Carey face! Hilarious.

Shoot had begun in the main studio, Carole Anne, the body, was looking fab as always as the lights were flashed around her. No probs with her pics and as she finished up I was told I’d be next!! Dear god, I fumbled with my last nail and in the process stuck my index finger to the wooden table. No time to spare, I ripped it off leaving my fingerprint behind. Aouch...!! . This year my bikini was black and white with a kind of zebra print across it. As usual it wasn’t mine, it was CA’s. She could open a ‘bikini shop’ with all her spares anyway so I just helped myself. As my pics got underway I kept telling myself to smile and look happy. Last year I was a tad grumpy so I thought ‘‘teeth n eye’s’’, ‘’teeth n eye’s’’. It was over in the blink of an eye and I just hoped my pics would be OK. My only hope was to continue to try and sabotage other girls pics. SO, armed with my plan of action I proceeded to dislodge Claire’s heel on her shoe, spray deep heat instead of hair spray on Lisa and Allana, and put Julie-Ann’s eyelashes on with superglue...Nice eh??? Me’s sooo clever!!

As the day came to a close and everyone had their turn in the spot light in front the camera, came the group shoots! It was so funny with us cramped into the one area. Just aswell we had a spilt level scaffold which worked really well in the circumstances. I was kneeling which was quite a painful process, but not nearly as painful as watching Claire struggle beside me. Ha ha! She was so funny as her knees were killing her, hey hello my knees are pure skin and bone have mine instead.

All in all the day went really well I thought, everyone did great with their pics especially the rookies. This year’s calendar promises to be a real cracker so lets get as many sold as possible for children’s charities.

Oh, and lets hope I make a month after all my sabotaging I did surely there’s a chance eh. Ha ha!!!

Kat x x

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