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Scottish Rockettes Calendar Shoot - Part 2 

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Checking in with our friends in the UK the Scottish Rockettes...

2008 Calendar: Gemma's Rookie Diary!

I looked at the clock on the Saturday morning, today was calendar day! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!! Half past seven it said, half past seven on a Saturday morning! I didn’t even know that existed! As I rolled out of bed (I don’t really ‘do’ mornings!) I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, aaaaaaaaah! Why didn’t I set the alarm for half 6? I had a lot of work to do!

The arranged starting time was 10 o’clock in the Daily Record studios, but come on we are women, it’s our prerogative to be late!! Everyone was good to go at half 10, “right girls lets get changed” someone shouted, no not into our bikinis as you would think, but big cosy fluffy dressing gowns and equally big fluffy slippers!

Then out came the tools, the bronzer, the mascara, the straighteners, all the essentials!

Smiles Beauty Clinic coped fantastically with stressed out Rockettes wanting to be beautified in the week running up to the big day and the Pele Nuevo hairdressing team worked their magic, cutting, combing and highlighting to perfection! A big thanks to our very own Pauline who spent ages doing everyone's make up and making us look presentable!

We all choose our bikinis wisely! I picked a bright blue Hawaiian number, thinking it would show off my streak-free tan!!! The idea was to have every girl in a different colour of bikini but believe me this is harder than it sounds, there are only so many colours out there!

The photoshoot was great fun, the set looked fantastic, the theme was scaffolding, funny, you may think but it worked really well in the pics. First up was Carole Anne, looking fab and posing like there was no tomorrow! While each of the girls were getting their individual photos the rest of us were in the dressing room preparing for a bikini shoot eating only the healthiest food and drink, yes that would be crisps, toffiffees and red bull!! You have to keep the old sugar levels up!!

The entertainment going on in the dressing room was the kind money can’t buy!!! Clayr D aka borat- don’t ask, the pictures are out there somewhere!! Then there was allana aka Malibu Barbie doing her mad rabbit impression!

Eventually it was my turn to strut my stuff! Poser? Me? Never! I had been looking forward to this since June! It was all a bit scary with the lights and the umpteen foot scaffolding, I thought i could put my acrobatic skills to got use here, not that I actually have any! The photographer was great and didn’t laugh too much when he asked for my “sexy face” and I gave my best sexy face, which turns out is actually more like my chewing a wasp face!!

We all got a sneaky peak at the photos one night after training and they all look gorgeous, even if I do say so myself!! I wouldn’t like to be in carole Anne's shoes picking which girl gets which month (Carole Anne remember that tenner I gave you haha!!) I know this is the bit you’ve all been waiting for so here goes, the final twelve are……………..gotcha! I’ll leave you all in suspense until you can see for yourselves!!!

Hope Santa is good to you all; hopefully you’ll all get a cheeky wee charity swimwear calendar in your stocking! If not get on to the website, it’s a steal at £6 and all for a good cause! All proceeds form our calendar go to Clyde 1's 'Cash for Kids Appeal' and The Daily Record's 'CHAS Appeal'

Have a fab 2008!

Loads of love



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