Friday, January 11, 2008

The PCB has an evil twin! 

Posted by Sasha at 11:41 AM ET

I just came across this today and I was reading it thinking "yep, I agree." Then I got to the bottom where there's a couple of sentences about the guy who wrote it:
    ... David Court has written various articles on the issue of NFL cheerleaders. To find out more, visit his website NFL Cheerleaders Blog.
I'm all - WHAT? For like half a second, I thought James and I needed to have a discussion about this obvious breakdown in communication. I mean, how does the guy go out and create a whole other blog and not tell me about it? Naturally I clicked on that link to see if it pointed here. But no, there really is an NFL Cheerleader Blog, and it's not us. How weird.

But it's okay. We're not territorial around here. I got involved in this blog because there was nothing out there like it. We're coming up on our 4th anniversary in April, and there has been a lot of expansion in these past four years. Not only has the PCB grown in terms of content, input from readers (thanks!), and relationships with various alumni, teams and sponsors, but there has also been - as the president of my company would say - "tremendous growth in the information space." In other words, there are a bunch of similar blogs out there, reporting on the ongoing activities of specific teams, leagues or regions.

We welcome this. Our friend Phil does an excellent job with his Buffalo Jills and Bandettes blog. Allison, a retired Cincinnati Ben-Gal and current director of the Cincinnati Reds dance team has also started up a blog that does a terrific job reporting all of the latest and greatest on the Reds Crew. The Ben-Gals Alumni blog also deserves a major shout-out. There's also a great blog out there about Denver-area dance teams. (I don't know the person who writes it, so I can't recall the exact name of it just now. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please send me a note - sasha@procheerleaderblog.com.) I've even noticed blogs popping up for college-level dance teams.

Personally, I think it's great that there is more and more info out there about the "real" world of pro sports dance teams. Do I love every pro cheer blog out there? Of course not. But I appreciate the diversity of niches out there for people whose interests and attitudes differ from ours.

So this new NFL Cheerleader Blog? Yeah, there's some overlap, but it's all good. James and I won't call for a Pro Cheer jihad against this guy David Court. I'm not saying I won't be completely bummed if you all abandon us for them, but I'm not going to cling to your bumper as you drive away. (Please, please, please come back! We'll give you a free toaster!)

After all, James and I are fans too and – speaking strictly for myself – if someone else thinks they can do a better job than us, then I'll sit back and be a reader. I’ll have loads more time for other hobbies like paper-maché art, my exotic ferret collection, those taxidermy lessons I’ve been meaning to get to, and of course my campaign to reunite the original Menudo. (I’m very busy, you understand.)

So in conclusion, the more the merrier. Mwah!
(Unless that guy turns out to be some kind of nut
in which case, I never said any of this.)

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