Friday, January 18, 2008

NLL Girl of the Week - Crystal 

Posted by Sasha at 2:53 PM ET

First-year Titans Dance Team member anxious for home opener

Crystal, a rookie member of the New York Titans Dance Team, can't wait for opening night at Madison Square Garden in three weeks. The Utah native became addicted to the sport three years ago when she moved to the Big Apple, while nannying five children on Long Island who played lacrosse.

"I've been obsessed!" said Crystal. "I went to all their games (Oyster Bay youth lacrosse), started watching on TV whenever I could and fell in love with the Powell brothers. I'm obsessed with the Titans now, I love them more than anything."

Last year, Crystal attended most of the Titans games as a fan in their inaugural season. Although she had limited dance experience, taking classes as a child, her effort and persistence earned her a spot on the team's 2008 Dance Team.

"I never imagined myself on the dance team," she said. "I went to tryouts and learned the routine, and just forced myself to do the best I could. I just wanted to be a part of it -- I'd lay down the turf for the team if I had to."

Crystal, who works as a full-time model and actress, also teaches Sunday School at St. Brigid's Church in Westbury, NY. She stays active in the NYC community, volunteering her time to serve soup at homeless shelters every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Visit Crystal's website, CrystalCooper.net

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