Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Duncan Representing DCC In Pro Bowl 

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Pamela Jagger Purcel
Since we can all probably agree that being selected as a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is a pretty big deal considering the number of women who pour into Texas Stadium each year for a chance to make the squad, then being selected for five years is definitely notable.
Misty Duncan
Misty Duncan has done just that. And this year to top that accomplishment, she will represent the world-famous team in Hawaii at the 2008 NFL Pro Bowl.

While in Hawaii, Duncan will be busy with appearances, photo shoots, and rehearsals. (Note, this writer selflessly offers to make the trip and report the details of the events, all for the sake of journalism of course.)

"It is such an honor to have been chosen to represent the organization and the incredible women on this year's squad," the five-year veteran said. "Any one of them could represent us in Hawaii and I'm very proud that they'd entrust that responsibility to me."

Duncan joins a long line of outstanding DCC who have traveled to the balmy beaches of Hawaii for the same duties. The selection of a sole Cheerleader to best represent what the team is all about is much more than a popularity contest among teammates. The decision is based on dance ability, showmanship, leadership and poise. Every year the DCC Pro Bowl selection is voted on by each of the Cheerleaders and by the staff.

Duncan is polished, to say the least. She is a journalism graduate of Texas A&M University; one of only four DCC Group Leaders and is a former Show Group member.

This dark-haired beauty has experienced much in her five years with the squad and values each of the opportunities with a special appreciation for the unseen, "backstage" moments. She will likely tuck this latest adventure into her treasured weaving of DCC experiences.

"There have been so many unique and special moments over the last five years," Duncan said. "The first time to wear the uniform and the first time to perform Texas Stadium are, of course, at the top of my list of most memorable moments. Performing on USO Tours in Korea, Northern Europe and Cuba left all of us with more patriotism, pride in our country and respect for our troops than we could imagine.

"Of all of the amazing memories, the most unforgettable moments occur behind the scenes; backstage, in travel, in rehearsals, on the tour bus and in the locker room. It's all of the small moments and experiences that add up to a lifetime of friendships and memories."

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