Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Charger Girls are the crème de la crème of Babeland 

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By Lisa Horne

Cali girls. They’re so gorgeous that they were the inspiration for a Beach Boys song, causing every American man to pine for them 24-7. From the plains of Kansas to the Poconos of New York, every red-blooded male living through harsh, long winters has aspired to “Go West, young man.”

The NFL made that quest even more tantalizing when, in 1990, the Charger Girls were unleashed on the San Diego Chargers’ sidelines. The ultimate eye candy for football fans, these Charger Girls epitomize the golden, sun-kissed, fresh and natural look of the capital of Babeland — San Diego, California.

It’s not just their looks. OK, it is. In their gravity-defying, midriff-baring, lace-up peekaboo tops trimmed with lightning bolts (take a deep breath, guys) and derriere-skimming flippy skirts, it’s a wonder how they manage to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions when they perform their high-energy dance routines. Then again, maybe that’s why all eyes are glued to those 28 dancers. We keep hoping. And they are dancers, by the way. According to Sport Magazine, the Charger Girls are “the best cheerleaders in the NFL.” Take that, Dallas.

A peek at some of their bios makes even a stronger case for why they are the Cadillac of NFL cheerleaders. Take Heather, posing in an animal-print bikini on the Chargers’ Web site. She’s “determined” and admits she’s “from a small town and a country girl at heart.” Hayrides may become the new pastime in Southern California.

There’s also Jill Ann, wearing an abstract bikini and a flower in her hair. She “trained to be an acrobat and enjoys reading the NY Times.” Hello! A true Renaissance woman. With names like Heather, Constance, Summer and Katrina, how could any guy ignore these girls? The world certainly hasn’t.

The Charger Girls have traveled the globe, from Australia to Japan, from Germany to Mexico, setting hearts afire wherever they go and promoting the Chargers, and the entire NFL, where sports fans aren’t educated in American football. Consider those fans educated. The Charger girls have been featured on local, national and international television shows and each girl donates 1,000 hours to the community via special appearances and charity work.

Beautiful girls, exceptional dancers and givers to their communities, the Charger Girls are the class of the NFL. Forget the San Diego Zoo, forget Tijuana, forget SeaWorld and Old Town. The best-kept secret for the best scenery in California isn’t the coast, it isn’t the mountains and it isn’t the desert. It’s off the 805 freeway, and has become the new destination for every winter-weary NFL fan. Nirvana. Heaven. Qualcomm Stadium — where the sight of lightning bolts is, finally, a welcome relief.

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