Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Celtics Blog: Captain's Corner 

Posted by Sasha at 6:56 PM ET

Introducing Alexis
Boston Celtics

Since you were so kind as to click on my blog, I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself. I'm Alexis, and I'm the Captain of the 2007-2008 Boston Celtics Dancers. Yes, you read that correctly. I capitalized the first letter of my title. I'm not running mad with power and a sense of entitlement just yet (although my teammates may disagree), and if I were the President or a CEO of some international organization I would do the same.

While being the Captain of a dance team might not seem like the most difficult or consequential job, it is quite important to me; thus, I am here sharing my thoughts.

I am a terrible secret keeper, which, in addition to my bio picture, is probably going to be detrimental to my candidacy for President. We didn't have a Captain last year because it was the first year of our existence and really it wouldn't have made sense. A few of us had been on college dance teams, but those have an inherent existing hierarchy, whereas with this team, everyone began together.

I found out about my appointment about a week before we started practice in August while I was in Washington DC for a conference (for my non-dance related job). Naturally, all I wanted to do was call friends and family. At this point most, people would say "if you can't trust your parents to keep a secret, who can you trust?" Those people don't have my mother who can't keep a secret to save her life, as demonstrated when I was walking out of the house to go see the movie The Sixth Sense and she grabbed my arm and excitedly said, "I just want to tell you something about the movie: he's dead." Enough said. This proved to be a lonely week until my Captainship was announced at the first practice.

So, skip ahead through three months of practices, trips to Europe, 29 wins, and here we are today. The amazing season has begun and no matter how many nicknames (Captain Crunch, Captain Jack Sparrow, Cappy, Tennille, Captain Sunshine, Capo, El Jefe, etc.) or impeachment threats I get from my teammates, I've learned some things from some unexpected sources.

From the team: Make myself available for questions, problems, and concerns, either dance or life related. Walk the line between friend and leader (i.e. bringing extra nylons to the games, but making the girl who forgot or ripped hers run a mile, and if she doesn't beat KG's time, she's in real trouble).

From Marina: Being the captain doesn't mean being the face of the dancers, doing the most promotions, or being in the front of routines. It means being reliable and doing whatever extra little things are necessary behind the scenes to make this year run as smoothly as possible, which can be anything from leading a warm up at the beginning of practice to tracking appearances to taking the girls to London to promote the preseason games.

From Google: Captain is a rank or title with various meanings. The word came to English via French from the Latin capitaneus ("chief"), which is itself derived from the Latin word caput ("head"). I should've learned this from those teeny-tiny extra credit questions squeezed into the corner of Mr. Pollock's Latin exams, but instead, I learned it here.

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