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The Final Two Warrior Girls - Revealed! 

Posted by Sasha at 1:39 PM ET

Warriors.com: Congratulations to Brianna and Heather, the two newest members of the 2007-08 Warrior Girls! This year, for the first time ever, the final two Warrior Girls were chosen by YOU, the fans! On Friday, July 27, the first 14 dancers to make the 2007-08 team were announced right here on warriors.com, but the final two spots were determined via online vote. Click here to view videos of the top two vote-getters.

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Colts Cheerleaders swimsuit shoot 

Posted by Sasha at 10:13 AM ET

Here's another tidbit unearthed from the pages of Flickr. I have no information, but I'm assuming the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders did a military-themed calendar shoot this year. Whatever they were up to, this guy made sure to capture the action. Click here to view photos from a guy who goes by the name of selectivelynoncompliant.

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Argos Blue Thunder Cheerleaders To Host 2008 Calendar Launch Party 

Posted by Sasha at 10:04 AM ET

Toronto Argonauts: The Toronto Argonauts Blue Thunder Cheerleaders invite fans to celebrate the 2008 calendar launch with them as the ladies will host a club night to preview the calendar on Tuesday, August 7 at C-Lounge in downtown Toronto. This season's calendar will see all 45 cheerleaders adding some glamour to traditional football poses shot by acclaimed photographer Craig Boyko. Photos include the "Coin Toss", the "Huddle", the "Tackle" and the "Touchdown Celebration".

The 13-month calendar will be available at all Argos games and events for $10. Last year's calendar was a huge success, selling out of the 10,000 copies printed.

Here are the details for the calendar launch party:
DATE: Tuesday, August 7, 2007
TIME: 9:00 p.m.
456 Wellington St. W.
Toronto, Ontario
TICKETS: $25 (including copy of calendar)

Reserve in advance by calling Sam Biback at 416-341-2738

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Sullivan sparks NHS Diamonette dancers 

Posted by Sasha at 9:53 AM ET

By Steve Snyder, editor
Navasota Examiner

She's not just a dance teacher, she's a professional herself.

Dana Sullivan, who instructs the Diamonettes of Navasota High School, has also been a Houston Texans Cheerleader and Houston Rockets Power Dancer.

Sullivan, who is 26, began dancing at what she says is the late age of 14. She began dancing in Crockett, while she was a cheerleader at Latexo ISD.

"My parents said that I used to watch "Solid Gold" when I was 2 years old and that I was totally mesmerized," she said. "They also tell me that my favorite songs to dance to were 'Come on Ilene' and 'Whip it Good.'

And, she was determined to get into dance school.

"Between the ages of 7-10 I annoyed my parents until they finally put me in dance. It was mostly a social thing at first, but once I had my first class, it was as if something inside of me came to life forever," she said.

Her dance focus carries over into entertainment; she said her favorite show right now is "So You Think You Can Dance?" She said it can even bring her to tears.

After high school, she danced and choreographed for the Angelina Pom Squad in Lufkin. Then, at the age of 19, she opened a dance studio in Crockett called Dana's Dancers.

She said business flourished, with her students winning many awards on local and national levels. During this five-year period Sullivan went to school at Sam Houston State University.

It is here that she performed as a member of the Sam Houston State University Dance Company for two years; she also performed in the Huntsville Dance Network for one year.

From there, it was on to the beauty contest world.

In July 2002, Sullivan was in the Miss Texas Pageant, held in Fort Worth that year.

But, even bigger and better things were to come in her future.

In 2004, Sullivan performed in Super Bowl XXXVIII, where she did back-up dancing for the musical sets of Beyonce, Josh Grobin and Aerosmith.

Sullivan talked more about that.

"The Super Bowl audition was crazy! It had 6,000 women and men auditioning and only 600 people were picked," she said. "I literally had 10 minutes to learn one dance. After I made the gig, we had another audition at our first practice. This audition was based on levels, and I made the advanced Latin section."

She also graduated in May of 2004 with a bachelor of fine arts degree in dance from Sam Houston.

In May 2005 she and her husband moved to Houston and Sullivan auditioned for the Houston Rockets Power Dancers and made the team.

Sullivan talked about her audition in detail.

"The Rockets audition was really emotional for me because I had just shut down my studio of 5 years just to pursue my dreams. More importantly, my mom was unable to be there because she was taking care of my grandfather who was sick with cancer," Sullivan said.

That obviously added to what would have been normal audition performance nerves.

"I was extremely nervous. It's nerve racking auditioning because you are literally as close as you could ever be to your dream," she said. "I was just trying to do my best and hopefully stand out. There were over 300 women that auditioned and that was what made me the most nervous. I knew that they were only going to choose 22 women."

Sullivan said the audition process was also physically grueling as well as being nerve-wracking.

"There were three rounds where the judges made three cuts. We learned three dances and each dance was a different style," she said. "The final night we auditioned two at a time."

She said that people at the tryout had already been with the team for two weeks, so they already felt like a part of the team, helping the nerves a little bit.

But, she still had to wait for word of whether her audition was good enough.

Finally, I got a letter and all I did was focus on the part that said "Congratulations, you are a member of the 2005-2006 Houston Rockets Power Dancers." I called my mom and cried and she said, 'All right.' That will always be my all-time favorite dance moment."

The Rockets Power Dancers were then asked to perform in the 2006 NBA All-Star Game. There, Sullivan said she did back-up dancing for Carrie Underwood, Jamie Foxx and John Legend. Sullivan also did dance choreography for the Houston Rockets Power Dancers as well as being a performer.

That, in turn, led to another round of national-level sports exposure.

Between having worked at the Super Bowl, and danced for one professional sports team, a shot at the NFL seemed like a logical next step.

So, in April 2006, she auditioned and became a Houston Texans Cheerleader. As with the Rockets, she did choreography as well as dancing.

"With the Texans it was even harder to make because more than 800 woman turned out for the audition," Sullivan said.

And, it was a longer, more in-depth audition process.

"We had six rounds, where the judges made cuts each round. So, we had to learn six dances, which meant six different styles. The hardest part about this audition is that we literally got 10-20 minutes to practice before each round."

With experience under her belt, Sullivan said she was more relaxed for this audition, even though it was longer than the Rockets audition.

"Thank God I'm a fast learner," she added. She also said she liked to audition early.

"I always like to go in group No. 1 so that I can get it over with. If I do make the team, my number is one of the first numbers called. When my number was called, I literally collapsed my face into my lap. I picked up my cell phone and called my husband.

"He, my mom and my aunt were sitting together. I said "Put me on speaker phone,' and then I said 'I made it.' They screamed with excitement," she said.

Sullivan said choreography, as well as performance, had come naturally to her.

"The first time I choreographed I was in the seventh grade. I didn't feel like my and my duet partner's dance was long enough, so I just took it upon myself to make it longer. It's crazy - even at that age I knew that I needed to choreograph the same way my teacher did. I didn't want it to be obvious that the dance was choreographed by two different people," she said.

Along with all the pro sports gigs, Sullivan has also danced on MTV, the Today Show and BET.

But she said she really missed her dance studio. So she decided to open a new studio in Huntsville, called "Hot on Your Heels Dance Productions."

That, in turn, led to her getting her job teaching the Navasota High School Diamonettes.

"One of my students' grandmother works at Region 6 (of the Texas Education Agency) and told me about the position," she said. "Navasota High School principal Brent Rumbo called Region 6 to see if they knew of anyone who would be interested; she gave him my name. So I went in for an interview and was hired on the spot."

Sullivan said she loves teaching the Diamonettes.

"They work so hard and make me so proud," she said

Between the studio and her Diamonette work, she decided not to audition for the Texans again. She did not audition for Texans again this year because she and her husband are moving to Huntsville. She teaches children age 3 and up, in the styles of jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, modern and pointe. For more information, call 936-546-6097.

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Heat is on: A Bid to Become a Heat Dancer 

Posted by James at 7:37 AM ET

By Allison Atkinson

Sunday was truly an incredible day for me.

I saw a flyer about two months ago with these amazingly beautiful women on it and I realized I wanted to be part of it more than anything. Simply put, my goal was to become a Miami Heat dancer and join the ranks of such famous alumna as Trista Rehn, Jessica Sutta, Layla El, Brooke Long and Johanna Gomez.

Having always admired the great amount Shaquille O'Neal has contributed both on the court and off, I thought the time was now to embrace South Florida sports and give back to the community. So I packed up my essentials, including makeup, eyeliner, mascara, tissues (don't ask), hair spray, a brush and all of the accoutrements of femininity.

Before the tryouts, I went to the Lace to Lust store around the corner to purchase the perfect two-piece outfit that would make them believe that I was serious about this. For this day, I would attempt to be a Miami Heat dancer.

The registration process was insane. There were girls everywhere and from all walks of life. They were trained in every dance discipline, which included everything from exotic dancing and tap dancing to ballet and Filipino dance. There were rookies, experts, wannabes and women who flew out from every major city to be at this audition. The only requirements were a good headshot, a resume and ID detailing that I was at least 18 years old.

I met a really great girl, Jackie, who flew in from Las Vegas with her mom. There was another girl from Chicago. I couldn't believe the love and support I was feeling just for being there.

I was given a number, 33, which I didn't want. I thought from an astrological perspective that it would be the kiss of death. It was much too low in my mind.

The warm-up session was amazing. We all took time to stretch out to make sure we were flexible enough to get through that routine. Those eight-counts would control our destiny, and we were all determined to make every minute count.
Heat Auditions
The Heat dancers from previous seasons put us in lines of six. There was a panel of guys who would be watching our every move. To say this was a nerve-racking experience would be an understatement. But I wanted this more than anything. This was my dream, and I was going to give it my all.

As we were about to go onto the polished basketball court at American Airlines Arena, I looked around and thought 'I am sharing the floor with one of basketball's greatest players ever.' Even though he wasn't there, I still felt the presence of the Shaq. It inspired me and gave me confidence that could not be shattered. This was my day to shine.

So they called my group, which was No. 4. There was a girl in my group who turned around and said "If you think you can, you can." It was some of the best advice I could get at that moment, so thank you, whoever you are.

We skipped, marched, blew kisses to the judges and smiled as we got to our positions on the court. Then the music started to play, and they told us to "freestyle" dance. I had so much fun "freestyling" that I didn't notice the routine had started.

Then the worst thing that could happen, did happen. My legs didn't move. They were frozen to the floor as if they had been nailed down. They felt so heavy. I was several beats away from my counterparts from that moment on, but I didn't care. I was having fun and giving it my all. Sweat was trickling down my back and my face was flushed, but I wasn't giving up.

The judges made their decisions to keep two girls out of my group. The rest of the dancers, including me, were dismissed.

Rejection always hurts. It's like falling in love with something so dazzling and then having it ripped away from you. It's cold, empty feeling. But I didn't see any girls cry about being cut. Everyone held their heads up, strong and confident, as we had done several hours before auditions had even begun.

It turns out the girls who waited longer to get their numbers ended up being the ones who were able to practice more and watch out for the mistakes of others. It proved to be a wise strategic move. The women who waited had more time to work on their "freestyle" techniques. I guess good things come to those who decided to wait!

I didn't want to leave the arena when they dismissed me. I stayed in the stands and cheered for my competitors. When they hit that pose, made that move and worked it, I screamed and clapped louder, which sparked others in the audience to join in. This kept the energy levels high and made the tryout more competitive.

Heat Auditions
I sat outside with a group of girls who didn't make the cut and told them I would see them at the next audition. Then I asked some of them if they could keep a secret, to which their eyes widened.

"You're 17 years old and used a fake ID to get into this audition?" they asked.

"No," I laughed. "I'm 30 years old and married."

I met so many incredible girls this weekend who pushed me to be a better dancer, to be stronger and play harder. I met so many incredible parents and spouses who came out and shared the moment with me. I met so many incredible dancers.

The next round I am so there and ready to "bring it on."

After one sugar-free Red Bull, three potential wardrobe malfunctions, two blisters, one fall and 144 new friends trying for 13 spots, I can certainly say this was indeed one of the greatest days of my life!

When I arrived to work at CBS SportsLine.com on Monday, I was feeling the love from all my co-workers who supported me. In fact, one of them sent me a flyer for the Florida Panthers Ice Cat tryouts this weekend. Stay tuned!

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Rachel Dances in the Knights 

Posted by James at 7:08 AM ET

And so to our NRL Cheergirl of the week, Rachel, from Newcastle Knights, who finds the excitement of sideline performance "amazing".

What made you want to be a cheerleader?

I love to dance and the thought of being on a football field performing in front of thousands of people was really exciting. The atmosphere at the games is so amazing, I love being apart of it.

Favourite childhood memory?
Having a starring role in one of my dance concerts. I started dance classes when I was very young and we would always have a big concert that all the parents would come to. Getting the lead role was very exciting.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Leonardo DiCaprio. I loved him in Romeo + Juliet and thought he was just gorgeous. His movies were always great, too.

Rachel, Newcastle Knights

Who/ What inspires you?

People who follow their dreams and make it, no matter what. Anyone who can give 100 per cent to achieve their goals and overcome adversity inspires me.

If you could star in a Hollywood movie opposite anyone, who would it be?
Reese Witherspoon. She just seems like a really fun, down-to-earth girl and it would be great to get to know her and be in a movie with her. I think that she is a great actor as well.

Rachel, Newcastle Knights

Any other claims to fame, other than featuring in Big League?
I wish! This is the first time I’ve done anything like this before, so this whole experience is very exciting.

What's the most exciting thing you’ve ever done?
I competed in aerobics competitions for years and always enjoyed it. A few years ago, I competed in the national competition for team aerobics and we won. It was a great accomplishment and very exciting.

Online home of the igKnighters here.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

World Cheerleading Hall Of Fame Seeks Permanent Home 

Posted by Sasha at 6:55 PM ET

Official Home to Honor Cheerleading’s Champions is Underway

July 27, 2007 - AUSTIN, TX—The World Cheerleading Hall of Fame, a development of Proformance Sports Marketing and Entertainment (PSME), has officially kicked off its search for a permanent home city. The Shrine will be home to cheerleaders worldwide and will honor the legacy and spirit of those who have developed the sport into the global success it is today.

Representing the first of its kind, the World Cheerleading Hall of Fame is an exciting milestone in sports history. The development is coming at a prime time when cheerleading is growing at exponential rates. Cheerleading possesses a loyal worldwide following of tens of millions of participants and fans. Aside from the millions of alumni throughout the world, there are roughly 8 million active cheerleaders worldwide and an unspecified number of pom and dance members. The rapid increase in cheer gym start-up companies continue to produce new competitive teams in the marketplace, thus resulting in an estimated one million new participants annually. This makes cheerleading one of the fastest growing sports for female and male youth today, creating billions of dollars in economic benefits to cities.

Like dozens of multi-day cheerleading activities held around the country, the World Cheerleading Hall of Fame is expected to fill shopping, restaurant and entertainment venues within the winning city. Additionally, the activity revenue generated by shrine-goers will create hundreds of new job openings for the chosen city, generate repeat tourism and allow the visitor market to grow and prosper.

The Shrine will include highly interactive exhibits and quality film footage to honor the sport of cheerleading and the legends that have endured for over 150 years. More than a historical attraction, it will be a meeting and gathering locale for cheerleading participants, alumni and fans throughout the year.

The World Cheerleading Hall of Fame is being led by a highly respected, veteran executive team that includes cheerleading industry leaders; notable market economists; television, movie and literary executives; real estate brokerage advisors; a financial and legal team; and a former senior-level NFL executive.

Spearheading the charge is Cindy Villarreal-Hughes, president of PSME. Villarreal-Hughes, a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and NFL Entertainment Director, has spent much of her life in the NFL and NBA sports and entertainment industries. “This will be a great moment in history for cheerleaders. Soon we can tell our fascinating story and celebrate the heroes who made this sport what it is today,” said Villarreal-Hughes. The concept for the World Cheerleading Hall of Fame belongs to Villarreal-Hughes who is also the author of The Cheerleader’s Guide to Life.

Two world-class architects have shown interest in the World Cheerleading Hall of Fame development and are available for city consultation. Cities interested in the development are encouraged to contact the World Cheerleading Hall of Fame.

Cheerleaders and fans from around the world are invited to vote on the location for the Shrine by visiting www.WorldCheerleadingHallofFame.org. “The public’s vote will be one of several factors we’ll take in consideration for our location,” said Villarreal-Hughes.

For more information, please contact Proformance Sports Marketing and Entertainment at (512) 391-9800.

Natalie Lubbert, Public Relations
Phone: (512) 391-9800
Cell: (512) 947-3459
E-mail: Natalie ( @ ) Proformancesports dot net

The Fort Wayne Mad Ants Present the Madame Ants 

Posted by James at 5:35 PM ET

Group of 14 ladies makes history as the first dance team to represent the franchise

From NBA.com
On a long hot weekend in mid-July, dozens of local ladies braved the steamy weather to audition for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants dance team, the Madame Ants. Held in the Schaefer Center at Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne, tryouts involved learning two high-intensity routines and participating in personal interviews.

After the arduous process, Coach Sheenah Johnson selected fourteen women to comprise the first dance team in franchise history. Johnson was not without help while making this difficult decision; local radio personalities Andy (Majic 95.1) and Big Kess (Wild 96.3), Mad Ants intern Ashley Frye, IPFW basketball player Zeljko “Zee” Egeric, and Barbara Johnson, owner of SheeKriStyle Academy of Dance Arts, provided constructive criticism and comic relief during the weekend.

Team President Jeff Potter approved of the judges’ decisions in choosing the Madame Ants: “I think that Fort Wayne will be incredibly proud of our dance team. These women are beautiful, both inside and out, as well as intelligent and very personable,” he stated.

Making history, the Madame Ants will be Coach Sheenah Johnson, Kimberly Ingle, Cassidy Colvin, Natalie Kuehnert, Chelsy Vaughn, Carly Shaleen, Kelly Horne, Sarah Bowser, Dashielle Tinker, April Wirt, Naomi Shaw, Nicole Mikolay, Ashley Parrish and Brennan Speilman. Although November 23 (the date of the Mad Ants’ first home game) is still months away, the Madame Ants will immediately start to appear throughout the community to promote the team. In addition to their regular dance schedule, these women will act as representatives of the Mad Ants at many community and professional venues.

Ft.Wayne Madame Ants
2007-2008 Fort Wayne Madame Ants
Back Row: Kimberly Ingle, Cassidy Colvin, Natalie Kuehnert, Chelsy Vaughn, Carly Shaleen
Middle Row: Kelly Horne, Sarah Bowser, Dashielle Tinker, April Wirt, Naomi Shaw
Front Row: Nicole Mikolay, Coach Sheenah Johnson, Ashley Parrish
Not Pictured: Brennan Speilman

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Trying Out for the Washington Wizards' Other Team 

Posted by James at 11:50 AM ET

Aspiring Dancers Make Their Moves In an Effort to Join the Starting Lineup

By Moira E. McLaughlin
Special to The Washington Post

Whether someone is a first-grade teacher, a mom, an advertising assistant or a biology major planning on medical school, everyone has a dream. For the more than 180 women who auditioned for the Washington Wizards, that dream is to dance.

"I have a career as well, but dance is first love," said Diana Ramsey, 23, a graduate student in information technology at Webster University, Bolling Air Force Base. Ramsey moved from Norfolk last year, just missing the 2006 Wizards' dance team auditions. "I waited for it all year," she said.

In front of nine judges, including Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas and dance team director Tara Perez, women 18 and older, leapt, shook, kicked and glided across the Verizon Center practice gym July 21.

For the first round of auditions, dancers told the judges, in 30 seconds or less, how old they were and why they wanted to be a Wizards dancer. The women, wearing bright pinks, oranges and yellows, with numbers pinned on their shorts, moved onto the court four at a time.

Joanna Ricker, 23, a first-grade teacher in Bowie with long blond hair, told the judges, "I have three brothers." Her voice quavered. Growing up, she loved sports, she said, especially watching basketball and football, but "I chose to dance."

Wizards Auditions

This was Ricker's second year auditioning. Last year, she made it to the final round before being cut. But, she decided, "Everything happens for a reason." As a first-year teacher, she wouldn't have had time last year for the nine hours of practice a week, plus about 40 home games and the numerous promotional appearances required of the dancers. (In 2002, a group of Wizards dancers traveled with some of the Washington Redskins cheerleaders to Afghanistan, Oman and Kuwait to visit U.S. soldiers.) The dancers receive a small stipend.

The group will start practicing this summer for its first November game. Throughout the season, the dancers will learn 60 to 80 routines and perform twice at every home game. They don't like to dance the same routine twice, said Perez, a dance teacher in Fairfax who was on the team two years before taking over as director.

Eighteen dancers will make the team, and eight returning dancers auditioned. Auditions are a three-day process consisting of four cuts. The final round July 23 included 28 dancers and was open to the public. The judges picked 17 women and asked the public to vote online for the final dancer.

"They're really nervous," Perez said before the auditions. "You never know who's going to come out. Competition scares them -- even the veterans."

After the dancers introduced themselves, they were given 23 seconds of music for a freestyle dance. Sara Hintosh, a junior at Mary Washington University who has been dancing since she was 3 , was nervous going into the first round. "I would prefer starting with choreography," she said while waiting outside the gym door. Niya Davis, 23, a mother and a full-time worker in the Georgetown University Hospital billing department, stood next to her, also nervous. "Freestyle is always nerve-racking to me. It's like, 'What do I do now?' " she said.

Teleza Tantin a biology major at Howard University, explained her audition strategy. "Energy. Positive attitude. Facial expression." Little silver stars lined the sides of her eyes. She has been a ballerina since she was 3, she said.

For Candra Johnson-Hardy, a mother of three from Upper Marlboro, making the dance team would be a way to "open doors," she said. An advertising assistant for Comcast, Johnson-Hardy hopes to someday open a roller rink in Upper Marlboro, "to give kids something to do," she said. She figured being a Wizard dancer might give her the exposure to help her achieve that goal. The audition, she said, was about "chasing your dreams."

After all the women danced in the first round, they waited in the lobby, chatting and stretching. When Perez appeared to read the names of the girls who would go on to the next round, the hallway became silent. Ramsey would go on, as would Ricker and Tantin. Hintosh, Johnson-Hardy and Davis would have to leave.

Lizandra Maria, a psychology major at George Mason University, was disappointed that her number was not called. Dancing for the Wizards, she thought, would have been a great opportunity. But then she decided, "It was a good experience just to come in here. I would have regretted it more if I hadn't come."

2007-08 Washington Wizards Dancers
2007-08 Washington Wizards Dancers

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Redskins Cheerleaders at DAD Foundation Fund Raiser 

Posted by James at 8:30 AM ET

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders
In response to my plea for more fan submissions, reader James sends this photo of Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Nicole, Leeanne and Amanda at the DAD Foundation fund raiser held in Columbia, MD this past Tuesday.

You can see these three ladies and all the rest of the Redskins Cheerleaders when they unveil their 2008 Swimsuit Calendar next Friday. Full details here.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Heads-up South Texas Girls - Auditions this weekend! 

Posted by Sasha at 9:14 PM ET

Okay, this is extreeeemely short notice but I just found out about this two minutes ago. The NBA D-League Rio Grande Valley Vipers are having dance team auditions this weekend. The Vipers are a brand new team, so their dance team, the Snake Charmers, is new as well. The team will be directed by former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Nora (Tagle) Cano.

Nora and the Vipers are looking for energetic, talented girls who are in great shape and are able to make a full commitment to the team's schedule of rehearsals, appearances, and performances. If that sounds like you, fill out the registration form, grab your dance shoes, and get ready! Click here to go to the Vipers website for details and registration forms.

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2007-08 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders 

Posted by Sasha at 2:01 PM ET

It looks like there's still a little bit of construction going on, but the new uniform shots and bios have been posted for the Cards Cheerleaders. A lot of girls retired this year, so there are many new faces on the team. Click here to meet the newbies and reacquaint yourself with your favorite veterans.

Let's hear it for the moms on the team! Rayln has a little girl named Grace and and Tara has a baby boy named Michael.

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The ROAR of the Jaguars 2007-08 

Posted by Sasha at 1:51 PM ET

It's a teaser! Thumbnails have been posted, but we'll have to wait a bit for the uniform shots and bios. I'm excited to see how the new uniforms turned out.

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Cheerleaders hone skills at workshop in La Quinta 

Posted by Sasha at 1:49 PM ET

Wednesday, August 1, 2007
By Melissa Eiselein
The Press-Enterprise

Video: Performances by professional dance teams

Cheerleaders from 80 professional sports teams including the National Football League's Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons showed off their dance skills Wednesday at the ProDance workshop in La Quinta.

They came to hone their skills and learn new dance techniques from 11 top-notch choreographers including Michael "Mikey" Minden and husband-wife team Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo, said ProDance founder Rosalyn Jones.

Last year, Minden, of Los Angeles, won MTV's Best Dance Video award and VH1's Best Video of the Year award for the Pussycat Dolls' "Buttons" music video. Tabitha D'umo said she was the assistant choreographer for Christina Aguilera's and Ricky Martin's recent world tours.

In all, about 300 professional and university sports dancers from Canada, Japan and the U.S. attended the four-day workshop that began Sunday, Jones said.

NFL Falcons cheerleader Sandra Fields said she was worried she wouldn't be able to keep up with the dozens of choreographed routines taught at the workshop. She surprised herself, she said.

"I learned how to relax," Fields said. "I learned to just trust myself."

Jones founded ProDance eight years ago as a way for professional cheerleaders and choreographers to share their skills. In previous years, she has hosted the workshop in San Antonio, Las Vegas and Miami. Next year, the workshop will be in Chicago, she said.

"There's cheer camp for middle-schoolers and high-schoolers, but there wasn't anything out there for professionals," Jones said. "Professional sports dancing is highly specialized."

Jones, former choreographer for the San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers, was born at March Air Reserve Base and spent the first two years of her life in Riverside. Now, she lives in San Antonio, she said.

University of Memphis cheerleader Christina Conrad said she hopes to learn tips from the choreographers and professionals that can help her reach pro-sports status. Conrad said she hopes to one day cheer for the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team.

Courtney Astorino, a cheerleader at Cal State Fullerton, said she was thrilled by the opportunity to dance side-by-side with professional sports cheerleaders.

"We feed off them because they are such an inspiration," said Astorino, of Fullerton.

The sentiment was similar among the professionals.

"There's always something new to learn. We get inspiration from the other teams," said NFL Denver Broncos cheerleader Kim Taylor.

Four members of the Broncos cheer team attended the workshop, said Broncos cheerleader Candice Jones.

"We split up so we'd each have something different to bring back," Jones said.


Pacemates for 2007-08 Announced 

Posted by Sasha at 1:36 PM ET

Indiana Pacers
July 27, 2007

The Indiana Pacers have announced the members of the 2007-08 Indiana Pacemates. Twelve of the 18-member dance team will perform at every Pacers’ home game. This season's squad consists of six veterans and 12 newcomers.

The veteran members of this year’s squad and their hometowns are: Angela Beltchenko (Libertyville, Ill.), Michelle Bowyer (Columbia City, Ind.), Meredith Lindgren (Greentown, Ind.), Jarin Pelley (Speedway, Ind.), Melanie Potesta (Indianapolis) and Tessa Sutton (Henderson, Ky.).

The newcomers to the squad, along with their hometowns are: Ito Aoki (Tokyo, Japan), Samantha Armstrong (LaPorte, Ind.), Aminda Bowen (Seattle, Wash.), Seazun Clark (Lawrenceburg, Ind.), Brittany Day (Indianapolis), Whitney King (Noblesville, Ind.), Ashley Morris (Fishers, Ind.), Bethany Rojanasupya (Crawfordsville, Ind.), Madalyn Rivera (Defiance, Ohio), Jessica Runnels (Richmond, Ind.), Kimberly Tibbs (Indianapolis) and Ashley Walczewski (Granger, Ind.).

Choreographer/Coordinator Stacy Austin is in her seventh year with the team. Austin was a nine-year member of the Pacemates before taking over as choreographer/coordinator in 2001. Originally from Fort Wayne, she currently resides in Fishers.

If you would like to interview Austin or any of the Pacemates, contact PS&E's Public Information Department at (317) 917-2500. If you would like to schedule the dance team for appearances, contact Austin at the aforementioned number.

(James here - Just want to add that Ito is the Captain of the NAFL Nashville Storm Dance Team and is moving to Indiana to join the squad.

Ito, Indiana Pacemates

While Seazun is a former Pro Bowl Cincinnati Ben-Gal and cheered at the Super Bowl for the Indianapolis Colts.)

Seazun, Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader

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2007-08 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders 

Posted by Sasha at 1:26 PM ET

No team photo yet, but uniform shots and bios for the Broncos Cheerleaders are up on the Broncos website. Click here to learn all about this year's squad!

The ladies below are all full-time college students. Romi, Katie, Sara, and Erica are enrolled at the University of Colorado. Lindsay, Valerie and Kelsey attend Colorado State, and Brianne goes to the Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Romi and Katie

Sara and Erica

Lindsay and Valerie

Kelsey and Brianne

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Union City cheerleader has Warriors on mind 

Posted by Sasha at 1:23 PM ET

Newark candidate hopes her dreams also will come true
By Todd R. Brown, Staff Writer

If Taliah Mekki has anything to say about it, the Golden State Warriors will go even further next season than last, when the team made the NBA playoffs for the first time in 13 years.

"I'm (going to) cheer my hardest, dance my hardest," the 25-year-old Union City resident said.

Mekki learned last week that she will be one of the basketball team's cheerleaders for the upcoming season, although only 14 members have been named so far.

The final two slots are up for grabs on the Warriors' Web site, with Newark native Karlee Joice competing with four other women to rah-rah the team to victory.

"It's been pretty nerve-racking," the 18-year-old said by phone from Lake Shasta. "It was nice to be on vacation this week and not home stressing."

The resurgent team decided to ask the public to help choose who will shimmy and shake at home games in Oakland to use new technology to reach out to fans, spokesman Michael Ravina said. The winners will be revealed Friday morning.

"Either way, I'm going to continue dancing," Joice said. "I know that my time will come."

The 2006 Newark Memorial High School grad started dancing at age 2, inspired by her older sister, Tracee, now a student at De Anza College in Cupertino.

Although she was a Spy Girl cheerleader last year for the San Jose Stealth lacrosse team, Joice said her father is a big basketball fan and is keen to cheer on his cheerleader daughter at the Coliseum. Her grandparents, meanwhile, have been rallying friends to cast votes for her.

"Contact one, and they'll contact three for you," grandpa Dave Pusateri said. "Grows like a Christmas tree."

Coincidentally, the semiretired San Jose resident said he manufactures trophies.

"I've made a lot of'em for her," he said of his granddaughter. "She's won her share."

When not dropping it like it's hot, Joice takes classes at Ohlone College and plans to earn credentials in order to teach high school.

"I love being a role model for kids," she said, noting that her family has raised more than $400,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. "It would be really great to give back to the community I've been in my whole life."

Mekki was born in Daly City and grew up in San Leandro. She counts two pro sports teams on her dance resume thanks to a stint last year with the 49ers' cheerleaders, the Gold Rush.

Of the Warrior Girls tryouts, she said: "It was probably one of the tougher auditions I've ever experienced. This one was more fast-paced and had a lot more cuts."

The group fitness coordinator for Crunch Fitness auditioned with nearly 200 women July 21 in San Ramon and got the NBA job on the spot Thursday.

She started cheering at age 9 for Pop Warner youth football in San Leandro, thanks to an older friend who also was involved.

"She made me try out," Mekki chuckled.

While she has locked up a spot on the Warrior Girls squad, she lauded the online voting gimmick as a good way to drum up enthusiasm for the next season.

"It's great for the fans to be able to have a hand in the last two girls that are going to be on the team," she said.

The San Francisco State University alum has a degree in kinesiology and plans to enter a three-year physical therapy doctorate program in the fall.

"I have a lot going on right now; I don't think I can add anything else in," she said.

So, will she rake in the dough like the superstar players she'll be cheering?

"You do it more for the love of doing it," she laughed. "It doesn't pay your bills."

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Big Easy Buzz: Twenty-Four Women Chosen to 2007-08 Honeybees 

Posted by Sasha at 1:16 PM ET

By: Jim Eichenhofer
July 24, 2007

On Sunday, I was among about 400 people who attended the final round of Honeybees auditions at Generations Hall in New Orleans. The 2007-08 Honeybees roster was unveiled, consisting of 24 members. Hornets.com is planning to post a handful of photo galleries from Sunday’s festivities, and we hope to have a new Honeybees homepage up on the website very soon.

In the meantime, a few notes on the 2007-08 Honeybees and Sunday’s event:

• Due to the overlapping NBA and NFL seasons, women in New Orleans must choose between participating on either the Honeybees or the Saintsations. The 2007-08 Honeybees actually have seven members with previous experience on the New Orleans Saints’ cheerleading squad, including Angelle M., who has been a member of the Honeybees for the last two seasons. One of the first-time Honeybees, Stacey, was a Saintsation for three years while she attended college. In 2006, the LSU graduate was featured by FHM magazine

• Of the 24 members of the current squad, 11 have participated with the Honeybees in previous seasons. Among those who were on the 2006-07 squad, Martine, Trista, Donna, Adrienne P., Shannon, Adrienne C. and Angelle are returning to the Honeybees this season.

• Former Honeybee Dawn Richard, now a member of the international pop group Danity Kane, performed during a break in Sunday’s Honeybees finals and thrilled the audience by singing her group’s hit song “Show Stopper.”

• Special thanks go out to the celebrity judges who helped handle the arduous task of selecting the final roster, including Gus Kattengell (WWL radio), Wild Wayne (Q93 radio), Trapper John (KKND 106.7) and Neil Wilson (DIVA 92.3).

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Knicks City Dancer Amy in 50 Cent Video 

Posted by James at 8:37 AM ET

Amy, Knicks City Dancer
Knicks City Dancer Amy is in the new video for I Get Money by 50 Cent.

Warning! I'd rate the video R for language.

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2007/08 BlazerDancer Team Announced 

Posted by James at 6:50 AM ET

Following two days of pressure-packed tryouts the judges have made their final decisions and have selected the 2007-08 BlazersDancers team.

The two-day tryouts saw a total of 58 BlazerDancer hopefuls turnout to compete for the 16 spots on the dance team roster.

“This year's squad features many familiar faces, but we are looking forward to introduce the fans to five rookies to the team,” said the Trail Blazers director of game operations Todd Bosma.

“Liesel, who was on the team in the past, returns after a three-year absence, but we do have four ‘true’ rookies in Eri, Caitlin, Tina and Vanessa. All five will definitely add their flair and personality to 2007-08 BlazerDancer squad.”

With preseason only a little over a month away, the 2007-08 team will begin practicing in just a few short weeks.

Caitlin, Portland BlazerDancers
Rookie Caitlin

Head on over to Blazers.com to see the rest of the new squad.

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What I Did on My Summer Vacation with Big Brother 

Posted by James at 5:45 AM ET

By Tyler Harbert
The University Daily Kansan
Carol Journey, Haysville senior, was the first cast member eliminated from CBS’s show “Big Brother.” Journey withdrew from a summer class at the University, and quit her role as a Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader to participate in the reality program.

Journey spent 14 days in the “Big Brother” house and was sequestered in Los Angeles for a week before the show started. The Kansan recently talked to Journey about her experience on the show.

Kansan: Do you regret what took place on the show, or even going on it in the first place?

Journey: It was an alright experience. Definitely the part that I enjoyed the most was getting off the show. I’ve had a lot of fun since I’ve gotten off this past week talking with fans and people who liked who I was.

Carol, Big Brother 8
Carol speaks with Julie Chen after her eviction.

Kansan: So you are coming back for the fall semester?

Journey: Yeah. I have to get my degree. I can’t wait.

Kansan: The premise of the show was to have an enemy from your past confront you in the house. Can you tell me what the experience was like and what you were thinking when you saw her for the first time?

Journey: It was very, very uncomfortable. I did not want her there and she took away so much of the enjoyment I could have gotten out of it. When I saw the enemy thing, I thought our story was pretty ridiculous compared to the other two sets of enemies on the show because their stories were so much more tragic than ours. I kind of feel like me and Jessica were placed on the show more for comedic relief, as a way of making fun of two little girls from eighth grade.

Kansan: What was the situation with your enemy?

Journey: Basically, all it is was we were really good friends for a few years in middle school and we got into a fight, I don’t even know what the fight was really about, she claims it’s over $5, but I don’t think that’s true at all, and basically we just never made up and went through high school completely ignoring each other. Then we graduated and she still lives at home with her mom and dad and I moved away to KU and never talked to each other again, I guess.

Kansan: Is there still bitterness then?

Journey: For me, I was over it. I hadn’t even thought about her in three years. She obviously was still bitter and angry enough that she would mention my name through the audition process. I’m not going to lie, leaving the show, I’m now a little bitter with her again, but I was over it so long ago.

Kansan: Which cast member are you pulling for now?

Journey: I’m really wanting Mike to win the whole thing, simply because he’s a good guy, he’s got a good heart and he deserves it. He really does. He works hard and I think that he’ll play the game in a decent manner. He won’t be like manipulative or deceiving through the process. I think he’s going to do it with dignity.

Kansan: Why do you think the other cast members singled you out and eliminated you first?

Journey: There were several different reasons. For one, I didn’t really want to be there in the first place and I whined every single day about how I all I wanted to do was go home. So they all knew I was homesick and I didn’t want to be there, so that contributed to it. Secondly, I was not a very good player. You really have to be strategic and know what you’re doing and I had no idea what I was doing on the show because I was recruited and had never watched the show before. I had the votes from what people tell me and from watching the show. I had six votes which is what I needed to stay but an alliance was formed and should they have all voted for me they would have exposed themselves so they didn’t vote to keep me simply because they wanted to keep their alliance a secret and they didn’t want everybody else to use that against them later.

Carol, Big Brother 8
Kansan: What were the best and worst aspects of the show?

Journey: The worst part about being on the show was the lack of privacy, always being on TV. When you’re in there, you kind of forget about the cameras and forget that there are people out in the United States watching you and listening to conversations you had. I regret a few of the things I said, but you can’t hold back everything you have. Honestly, this past week since I’ve been out of the house has been awesome. I’ve had so much fun doing interviews. I’ve probably done a few dozen TV programs so far and I did several days of radio interviews where I just got to talk to different radio stations across the nation that asked me about Big Brother. That was a lot of fun and getting to talk to people who watched the show has been great too.

Kansan: What’s next? Are you going to record an album?

Journey: Um, no. Actually, since being off the show I’ve gotten a few job offers because I’ve talked about being a marketing major. CBS kind of threw out offering me a spot on another reality show, but I don’t know if I want to do that. I don’t know. I have no desire to act or sing or do anything like that. I just want to get my degree and a job. There have been offers but we’ll see. I’ve been told the offers really pick up once the show gets over, so if something amazing gets thrown at me I might consider something else.

Kansan: Is there anything you would completely rule out?

Journey: I’ve had Playboy thrown out there a couple of times. I don’t think I could ever do that. That’s not gonna happen. Maybe Maxim.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sixers Dancers Hold Final Auditions at South Philly's Chickie's and Pete's 

Posted by Sasha at 7:17 PM ET

By Laura Doubet
Philadelphia 76ers

A sea of family, friends and fans packed into every available spot in South Philadelphia’s Chickie’s and Pete’s for the 2007-08 Sixers Dancers Final Auditions on Wednesday evening. The building buzzed with excitement and anticipation way before any of the girls even stepped foot onto the dance floor.

“The atmosphere is wonderful,” veteran Sixers Dancer Dana said. “The crowd is very energetic they’re all excited to see all of us girls. They’re supporting us 100% so it feels good to dance for them.”

Littering the crowd were enormous, homemade signs cheering on all 30 Semi-finalists. Veteran Sixers Dancer Kirsten couldn’t help but get excited about the crowd that was packed around all sides of the dance floor.

“It’s insane! There are people every which way,” Kirsten said as she surveyed the crowd. “It’s an awesome feeling when the crowd is involved and excited for us. It makes us dance that much harder.”

By night’s end, these semi-finalists would be whittled down to the final 17, who would make up the 2007-08 Sixers Dancers. The girls were selected by a panel of special guest judges, which included one of the East Coast’s top advertising and editorial photographers Michael Spain-Smith, Pete Ciarrocchi of Chickie’s & Pete’s, ABC-6 sports reporter Keith Russell, CBS-3 traffic reporter Bob Kelly, Fox-29 anchor Kerri-Lee Halkett, NBC-10 news reporter Jamison Uhler and Comcast SportsNet personality John Boruk. The ladies were scored on technique, personality, and overall appearance.

The semi-finalists began competing for a coveted spot on the team with a set of routines demonstrated and choreographed by Adrienne Della, the former Sixers Dancer Captain of 12 years who has now transitioned to coach of the 2007-08 Sixers Dancers. The audition continued as Sixers PA Announcer and the evening’s Emcee Matt Cord introduced each of the 30 semi-finalists, each of whom was then interviewed individually by the judges. They closed out the audition by modeling their favorite summer dresses.

All-Star Sixers Dancer Kimmie shared with Sixers.com her philosophy for the night.

“I’m going to think that it’s just another game, just doing my job,” she said calmly. “I’m not going to take it as an audition, not going to look to the girls to the left or right I’m just going to do my own thing on the floor.”

She also added her thoughts on the difficulty of auditions from the rookie experience in comparison to the pressure of a returning veteran.

“I’d have to say it’s harder because you have all these new girls wanting it. So we have to work hard to keep our spots. So it’s about three times as hard,” admitted Kimmie. “You think about the past year, what you can work on. You see all these beautiful girls and they really want this.”

Overall, the Sixers Dancers Final Audition ignited the crowd with electric performances and left the Sixers fans intrigued to see who will make the cut. But more importantly, the Sixers Dancers Auditions provided an informative experience for young dancers who intend on pursuing a career in professional dance.

“It’s a lot of fun, I definitely learned a lot,” said rookie Semi-finalist Melinda. “This is the first time I’ve done anything like this. I’ve learned a lot just watching the other girls that have done this before.”

The 2007-08 Sixers Dancers will be unveiled at the Sixers Beach Bash in Sea Isle City, NJ on August 4th. Don’t miss your chance to attend the biggest party of the summer and benefit Sixers Charities all at once! Check back soon with Sixers.Com for more details.

Click Here For Photos!
Click Here For Photos of all 30 Girls!
Click Here For Video!

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Automotion audition gallery 

Posted by Sasha at 7:03 PM ET

Auditions are underway for the 2007-08 edition of the Detroit Pistons Automotion Dancers. Click here to view photos from the first round of auditions.

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Sonics Dancers Blog: Asia Tour 

Posted by Sasha at 7:00 PM ET

Seattle Supersonics: The Sonics Dance Team spent a week in Japan representing the league at NBA Madness events in Tokyo and Nagoya. Check out their blog from an ocean away.

Entry #1
July 25th, 2007

12:41pm in Seattle and we have lift off…this plane is headed for Tokyo for the NBA’s Madness Asia Tour 2007 in Japan.
The SuperSonics Dance Team has been selected by the NBA to be the Dance Team of choice to perform at all the NBA Madness events taking place in Tokyo and Nagoya. Ten hours later and we pass through customs and meet our NBA representatives in the warm air of Tokyo, Japan. From the airport we head straight for the Westin, Tokyo. This hotel is A+ in my book and all seven of us feel like Princesses as we’re welcomed by the Westin staff. After a quick shower, un-packing and a change of clothes we head out to grab some dinner. Walking down the streets of Tokyo is such a different experience than being in the United States. The shops are smaller, the streets SUPER tidy and everyone drives on the wrong side of the street compared to the United States. We continue down the streets of downtown and head to a Mexican restraint (yes, Mexican food in Japan). Just like their small shops, everything is served in tiny portions. It’s such an amazing experience to be in another country and I’m honored the NBA has sent the Seattle SuperSonics Dance Team to represent our organization and the NBA in Tokyo. It’s been a long day of traveling and we’ve been up for 24-hours straight. Time to get some sleep and I can’t wait for what the next day has in store.

~ Sabrina

Sabrina Chaudhry
Dance Team Manager

Entry #2
July 26th, 2007

“Costumes packed, dances polished, the seven of us embark on the trip of a lifetime.”
Konnichiwa (Kon-ee-chee-wa) from Staci and Denee’

After a long ten- hour flight, we were greeted to the county of Japan with a warm welcome (in a language we couldn’t decipher). We experienced the hustle and bustle of the airport, while maneuvering through crowds to obtain our belongings. Thankfully, we made it through customs with a breeze and once outside the airport, took in the charm of Tokyo.

As were journeyed to our hotel, we experienced scenic views and the surprisingly Westernized cityscape. All the while we were thankful for our trusted driver who got us to our hotel safely, because we would have been lost driving on the opposite side of the road.

Finally, in the heart of Tokyo we were introduced to the fascinating culture. We couldn’t hide the fact that we were foreigners, fingers pressed up to the windows, taking it all in.

We arrived at our five star accommodations, and shook off fatigue, excited to a get a hands on perspective of the city. Our NBA Japan Madness representatives guided us through the streets, showcasing their city and all it had to offer.

Our night drew to a close. Planning for the next days breakfast, Staci proclaims, “the ultimate in eel,” and I’m thinking this is going to get interesting!!!

“Oyasuminasai-Good Night” (Oi!-ya-sue-me-naa-sa-eye)

~ Stacy & Denee’

Entry #3
July 27th, 2007

Our first full day in Tokyo, here’s what went down……
We started with a buffet breakfast with everything from miniature waffles and French toast to pasta and mashed potatoes. From there we, along with our interpreter Mario, took the public rail system to the shopping district of Harajuku. We spent the next few hours shopping and taking in the culture, which was very fast paced, colorful, and cutting edge. We then enjoyed lunch at an authentic Japanese restaurant. After buying some souvenirs in another shopping district called Shibuya we headed back to our hotel. Next on the agenda was our informational dinner meeting with the NBA Asia at a nearby French restaurant. There, we had our first taste of raw fish, sea urchin, and pork pate. It was quite the cultural experience!

Following dinner, we made our way back downtown to experience the Tokyo nightlife. After learning that the party’s don’t start until well after 2 am, our jet lag got the best of us and we headed back to the hotel. We soon fell into a deep slumber and got rested up for our next fun filled day in Tokyo.


~ Abby and Kelly

Entry #4
July 28th, 2007

Day #3
Jillian and Sheena here! Its day 3 in Tokyo and we are happy to report that we have finally shaken our jet lag! After a good night of sleep we woke up early this morning anticipating our first NBA Madness Event in Tokyo. We boarded the bus around 8:45am (5:45pm Seattle time) and headed to J Sports to meet one of the proud sponsors of the tour. We made a quick appearance with NBA icon Allan Houston, took some photos and met some great people.

We headed back to the hotel to take a quick break before we prepared to experience a piece of fine Japanese culture… Well I don’t know if we would call it “a piece of fine Japanese culture” but it’s something that us girls love to do! We got to get our nails done! But this was not just any other manicure you can experience in the United States, we got our nails done by Naoko Mori, a well known nail artist. Naoko printed off a copy of the Supersonics logo, and within the hour all 6 of us girls had unique nail designs that showed our Sonics spirit.

After we left Naoko’s we began to prepare for the NBA Madness “VIP Party.” What a better place to rehearse than in the hotel hallway! When we arrived to the party we were a little a bit nervous considering it was our first performance in Japan. But when they called our names to the stage our adrenaline kicked in and we couldn’t wait to show Tokyo what the Sonics Dance Team was all about! Four routines, lots of pictures and a couple autographs later we found ourselves ready for some good Japanese food and a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow we head to Nagoya on the bullet train and 2 jam packed days of NBA Madness Events lie ahead! Off to bed for us!

Entry #5
July 28th, 2007

We are sad to say we left Tokyo, but are really excited to experience a new part of Japan in Nagoya. We left Tokyo on the Bullet Train, or “The Magic Bullet” as Denee’ calls it and arrived in Nagoya after a few hours. After settling into our hotel we really wanted to try a Japanese restaurant that we could sit on pillows on the floor, but we settled for a conference room. The waitresses were dressed in Kimonos and were very proper. They even covered our purses with a blanket….we guess it didn’t match the décor of the room. It was definitely authentic food. The brave tried octopus, eel, and fish egg sushi, but most of us stuck with Tempura and miso soup. We then rushed off to check out the NBA Madness 3 on 3 games at Oasis21. Dressed in our white sparkly costumes, we took the court and danced 5 routines back to back, in what felt like 100 degree weather. Each time we danced we drew more and more of a crowd. It was fun to see the Japanese people dance a long with us to Christina Agulerias “Candyman.” We are starting to realize how fast this trip has gone by and it has finally sunk in that we only have one more day here in Nagoya.

~ Staci, Denee’ and Kelly

Entry #6
July 29th, 2007

Day #5 - Sayonara Japan
Today we got a chance to sleep in! Yes, sleep is good! We boarded the bus and headed back to the NBA Madness site and got ready for our second performance. A little more prepared for the heat, we wore our skirts and half tops which were a hit with the crowd. After our performance we got a chance to go to the Nagoya Castle with Allan Houston from the New York Knicks, “Grizz”, the mascot from the Memphis Grizzlies (we still love you Squatch!) and a group of unexpected paparazzi! After a quick visit and a lot of pictures we made our way back to the NBA Madness site for the 3-on-3 finals and our final performance of the trip. The teams all did great and it gave us a chance to thank everyone from NBA Japan for being so hospitable. We later treated ourselves with massages back at our hotel and got ready for our NBA farewell dinner which had a very familiar menu… chicken! The restaurant we ate at specialized in every type of chicken you could imagine! We had a great time and especially enjoyed our waitress who was the cutest little Japanese lady we met all week! After dinner we all went out for our last night in Japan. We got a chance to sing and dance and listen to some live music by a group called “Hotbox.” What a great way to end our trip. All in all we had an amazing time in Tokyo and Nagoya, we’re ready to come home but we’ll never forget the friends we made and the memories we created in Japan!!!

Sayonara Japan!

~ Abby, Jillian, and Sheena

Entry #7
July 30th, 2007

Final Blog
4:45pm Tokyo time and we have lift off!!! Taking in the week we decided to view all the pictures and video footage from a very busy week at the NBA Madness Tour in Japan. What an AMAZING trip! Again, I can’t state what an honor it was to have the SuperSonics Dance Team work with the NBA on such a special event. After a week of cultural sightseeing, working hard to market the NBA and SuperSonics brand in Japan and new friendships with the NBA Asia staff, Allan Houston and Grizz I have to say this was a trip of a Lifetime!

~ Sabrina

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DBC Calendar Shoot Part 2 

Posted by Sasha at 6:55 PM ET

Broncos Cheerleader Blog
July 10th, 2007

Well, we are back from Cozumel and our 4th of July vacation here in Broncos Cheerleaderland. It was a great trip and I am very sorry that I couldn’t blog and show you all pictures sooner. Technology on that little island is not like home. I had quite a few problems sending photos and e-mails while I was there.

The second half of our trip was great. We had quite a few group shots to get done (which are harder than the singles) and they all turned out beautiful!

Our first group shot was our “July” shot at the resort. Laura, Melissa and Kristin were all outfitted in red, white and blue suits. We had a cloudy, rainy day, but the sun came through for us at sunset and it was the most amazing sunset we had the entire week. We lit lanterns and tiki torches and the ladies were fabulous.

The next day we shot Kelsey Vernon at Chankanaab which is an ecological park on Cozumel. They have a really cool Mayan Village that we used for her shot. I had a pretty dramatic shot in mind which required some extra work on our photographers part getting the light the way that we envisioned it. It will really be a different shot than the rest of the calendar and Kelsey did great!

Our next shot was also at Chankanaab with Lindsay McBride, Kristina Hoyer and Emily Harper. We kept calling this shot the Charlie’s Angels shots. They really looked the part. It was a very hot day. I hope I can find a photo where there isn’t a bead of sweat running down someone’s forehead! Some of the positions we put the ladies in are not very comfortable (even though the look it on film) and all three ladies did a great job.

For Alex Taylor and Kim Taylor (no, they aren’t sisters), we rented a catamaran and took them out on the blue blue water. Both cheerleaders wore red polkadot suits by Betsey Johnson. We posed them three different ways – on the rope tramps, on the bow and on the top of the roof with the mast. We will see which one turns out the best. Both Alex and Kim are four-year veterans and were very easy to pose and work with. We had a lot of fun out on the boat that afternoon. It was nice to get away from the heat and feel the wind in your hair for a few hours.

Our last shot of the trip was the most challenging. The weather was difficult all day and we had it scheduled for a sunset shot. We got Romi Bean, Whitney Evered and Terita Johnson ready and took them to the dock at Paradise Beach. The shot only works if we had a sunset. No sunset that day. Too many clouds. We rescheduled their shot for the next morning at sunrise, so the three ladies were in hair and makeup again at 3:30 a.m.! What we do for a great picture. The morning was clear and beautiful and it was a great way to end our trip to Cozumel!

I have included a photo of Adam Miller and his girlfriend Jennifer Stitt. Before our trip, with our travel partner Funjet Vacations, we ran an enter-to-win contest to come with the Cheerleaders on our 2008 Calendar Shoot. Adam Miller won the trip and he and Jennifer spent the entire week with us in Cozumel. We all had a blast. Adam is a die hard Broncos fan – like all of you out there that read our blogs I am sure. Adam is in the US Navy and had just returned home from a tour in Italy to find out that he had won the trip to Cozumel with us. He and Jennifer were so excited to be there with us. They went on several photo shoots, a snorkeling excursion, VIP reception and dinner and just enjoyed hanging out with the team and our staff. What a great couple! It was a nice addition to our calendar shoot.

Now, it is back to work! Lots to do to get our team ready for the season and to get our calendar to the printer. Our release party is scheduled for Thursday, August 16, and all the proceeds from that event will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation in honor of Lisa Pevateaux, one of our Broncos Alumni Cheerleaders who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We are having it at the stadium this year and we need a huge turnout. Keep looking on the site for more details and I will blog about that more very soon.

Thanks for reading!



Teresa Shear
Director of Cheerleaders and
Game Day Entertainment

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