Sunday, December 30, 2007

What a Way to End the Season 

Posted by James at 8:08 PM ET

Not much excitement outside M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday. It was a cold, rainy December afternoon, and the end of a disappointing Ravens season.

About 2:30 a couple of Ravens Cheerleaders appeared outside the stadium to promote the Maryland State Lottery.

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders
Best friends Ena and Sarita are both from Rochester, NY. This is Ena's first year on the squad. Sarita is finishing up her second season with the Ravens and was also a Buffalo Jill for a year.

After posing for a few photos, Ena and Sarita rode off to greet fans in the parking lot. By the time they returned to the front of the stadium it's 3pm and a large number of Ravens Cheerleaders had gathered near the Johnny Unitas statue.

Suddenly, Ena spots her boyfriend Bryan and...

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders
Yep, you guessed it. Surrounded by Cheerleaders, fans and Poe, Bryan proposed to Ena.

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders
Ena says "Yes!"

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders

Sarita and Bryan had been working on this for months. They originally wanted to have the proposal take place inside the stadium at the end of the third quarter. But they couldn't get all the logistics worked out.

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders

Congratulations Bryan and Ena! We wish you the best of times and nothing but happiness.

Oh, and the Ravens beat the Steelers 27-21!

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