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Utah Jazz Dancer Diaries - 3 

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Utah Jazz: Ever wonder what it's like to be a Jazz Dancer? Get an inside look at the life and times of Arial and Jocelyn in our exclusive Jazz Dancer Diaries.

Read about the challenges they face, the successes they have and how exciting it is to be front and center on the EnergySolutions Arena floor. You will also see exclusive videos and photos.

Jocelyn's Diary: Entry 2
Monday, Nov 26

This was an exciting week for the Jazz (close wins, amazing plays…) however an exhausting week for us dancers. The Jazz were on the road so that made practices even harder than usual. Normally we use practices to focus on setting dances for the games during the week, but having no games to set, practices included a more than normal amount of conditioning!

Me and Bridget

Nikki and Me

Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-9:30 pm but everyone normally shows up at 6 to go over the many numbers that we have learned. Sometimes we stay until 10 to make sure everything is perfect! From our first practice this summer to date we have learned around 20 numbers plus hot time outs(when we have to run out during a time out and do a short combination) and we still have many more to learn.

Everyone always asks me how we remember them and keep them all straight. In the beginning I told them it was so hard but we practice so much so it has become a little easier. Not much. Haha! Plus, the amazing, incredible, not to mention beautiful veterans already know some of the routines so they are extremely helpful to us rookies! Thank Heaven!

This is a typical night at practice. First, we get out our calendars, book appearances and decide what costumes are going to be worn for which numbers at which games. If you write down the wrong costumes, it can be disastrous. Then we get up and get ready to condition. Oh man. It is tough. Our coach is really good at switching up what we do. For example, Tuesday we did step conditioning along with jump roping and running. We also worked on abs and arms. Then Thursday we did a lot of stairs, running and weights. Conditioning is always very hard, but I feel great when I’m finished! Until I realize I have to go dance for 2 hours. By then my body is saying “I’m done”. But I have to keep chugging and go do whatever dances we need to clean and sometimes we learn new numbers. All I can say is by the time practice is over, I am beat!

That is just a little overview of some of the work that goes on behind the scenes to get us ready to perform our best and to help get the crowd pumped! There is a home game Monday and another on Friday so hopefully you’ll all be there! Be ready to cheer loud and witness another amazing game! GO JAZZ!!!

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